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How to Sign and Send PDFs?

Signing PDF online can help companies simplify the cumbersome process for business such as fixing and mailing the document which must be signed. PDF Reader Pro allows you to add a signature for your PDFs. Click here to get a video tutorial or follow the steps below.


Add a Signature

1. Click Tools toolbar_My Tools on the toolbar -> hit Signature subtoolbar_mytools_signature ->tap + New Signature in the right panel to add a new signature from keyboard, Trackpad, or Image;

  • Click Keyboard to type your name in the field;

  • Click Trackpad to draw your signature in the field;

  • Click Image to select an image from your folder as a signature.

 2. Hit Save & Apply and put the signature where you want.


Resize and Move a Signature

  • Resize the Signature

Click the signature you added -> drag the selection handle to resize the signature.

  • Move the Signature

Click the signature you added-> press Delete on the keyboard or right click -> choose Delete.


Send PDF by Mail

How to share the PDF after signing it? There are 2 ways.

1. Click File toolbar_file on the toolbar -> choose Share -> enter the email address, subject, and body -> hit Send;

2. Or choose Share titlebar_share on the top left corner -> enter the email address, subject, and body -> hit Send.


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