How to Annotate a TextBook for Students with PDF Reader Pro?

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One of the most significant differences between college and high school is that we have to refer to lots of academic materials for our courses or thesis in college. However, these materials are always in electronic format, which means you can not take notes with a pen just like you did on a paper book.  A college student, Nancy, said that she was troubled by electronic books because it is difficult for her to remember the key points without notes. Every time she reviews the digital textbooks, she has no way but to read them all over again. This embarrassing situation tells us that annotating a digital book is essential for all students.  


  1. Why is it Important to Annotate a Textbook

  2. Adding Markup to Academic Readings

  3. Write a Short Suggestion & Conclusion

  4. Connecting Other Research Source
  5. Tips for Annotating Textbook


Why is it Important to Annotate a Textbook


Annotating a book facilitates us to fast mark up the meaningful content and quickly recall the key points. While, excellent annotations also contain text notes, such as your own idea or conclusion for a paragraph. Both the markups and notes can help us improve our learning efficiency since we can quickly grasp the important content and better understand the passage. 


Is there any powerful tool to annotate a digital textbook? PDF Reader Pro will give you a perfect solution. Here is a guide on annotating textbooks with PDF Reader Pro. 


Adding Markup to Academic Readings


PDF Reader Pro offers you rich annotation tools such as highlight, underline, strikethrough, squiggly, freehand, shapes, etc. However, you’d better not add too many elements to a single passage as they will make you dazzled. 


Highlighter : highlight important phrases or sentences in a paragraphs.

Underline underlight : draw a line below for emphasis.

Squiggly wavyline : draw a squiggly line under.

Strikethrough strikeout : underline words to let others know they have been deleted.

Freehand pen : add freehand handwriting just like you do with a pen.


Can I change the color of the markups?

Certainly, you can. On the right side of the reading page, there is an annotation properties panel. From here, you can change the color and opacity of the markups. Click the split bar on the right side to show the properties panel if it is hidden.


Write a Short Suggestion & Conclusion


Sometimes, we will record our thought by writing a short conclusion such as a summary of a chapter or the personal understanding of a technical term. PDF Reader Pro provides you with a simple way to record your ideas.


Just go to the toolbar and choose Text, then click wherever you want to add text.



What if I want to edit text notes?

The properties panel on the right side makes it easy to edit text. You can do one of the followings: changing font size and color, modifying the fill color and border color, adjusting the opacity.


What if tiny space limits the notes?

Don’t worry, if there are a lot of text notes, the Anchored Note tool is ideal for you, which allows you to add an icon to the place where you want to take notes. Right-click the icon and the pop-up window will show you the full notes.


Simply click Tools on the toolbar and tap Anchored Note, then click the area where you want to add comments and enter the text in the note box.



In general, a short conclusion or notes can make sure you've understood the main idea of a passage or a professional term rather than rote memory.


Connecting Other Research Sources


PDF Reader Pro also allows you to collect, gather and bundle other sources through links. For example, when you find an introduction of an author on a website, you may want to add the content to your textbook. However, pasting long paragraphs directly into a document will definitely make the book look terrible. In this situation, you can insert a link to the file, and with a simple click of the link, you can be navigated to the website.


How to add a link? Here, go to the toolbar and click Tools, then tap Links.  Drag a rectangle where you want to create a link and then, enter a URL in the box on the right side.


Click here to get a video tutorial.


Kindly remind you, too much water drowned the miller. Too many notes may reduce learning efficiency. How to mark up textbooks? Here are some tips!


Tips for Annotating Textbook


  • Focus on the main point 

In fact, you may get a better sense of the main idea of a paragraph if you highlight only the key terms or parts of the sentence because it help you grasp the most important information in a sentence.


  • Annotating after reading the entire paragraph 

Taking notes while reading may lead to confusing notes. Instead, annotating after reading may help you have a better understanding of the paragraph's purpose and idea.


  • Don’t make annotations complex

To draw attention to different types of information, some students use various colors of markups. But it may cause confusion when reviewing.


Have you found a right tool to annotate your e-book yet? PDF Reader Pro offers a variety of options for your notes. Why not have a try? Go here to know more advanced features of PDF Reader Pro. Click Download to get a 7-day free trial. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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