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9 Best PDF Editors for Android

Let's explore the 9 best PDF editors for Android, with PDF Reader Pro taking the lead as the best mobile-friendly application.
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Having a reliable PDF editor on your Android device is essential to producing work efficiently and achieving seamless collaboration. Among the hundreds of options available, PDF Reader Pro stands out as the top choice, offering a comprehensive set of features that elevate your PDF editing experience on your mobile device. Check out our blog on how to print from your smartphone for more helpful advice on mobile PDF and image handling. 



Comparative Overview

This table provides a concise overview of the key features offered by each PDF editor app, allowing you to compare and identify the most suitable option based on each one's basic tools.

Annotation Editing Form-Filling OCR Technology Security Features

PDF Reader Pro

Extensive Advanced Yes Yes Yes

Adobe Acrobat

Essential Limited Yes Yes Yes
WPS Office Basic Robust Yes No Yes
Foxit Rich Simple Yes No Yes

In Real


Syncing Feature No No No
OfficeSuite Basic Full No Yes No
CamScanner Basic Basic No Yes No
PolarisOffice Basic Basic No No Yes
PDFelement Basic Simple No No Yes


1. PDF Reader Pro - The Powerhouse PDF Editor

PDF Reader Pro for Android is a feature-rich application that combines intuitive design with powerful editing capabilities. Whether you're annotating, signing, or editing PDFs, this app excels in providing a seamless user experience without the need for online collaboration tools. Some standout features include:

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


  • Annotation Tools: Effortlessly highlight, underline, or add notes to your PDFs, making collaboration a breeze.

  • Advanced Editing: Edit text, images, and links with precision, ensuring your documents meet your exact specifications.

  • Form Filling: Easily create fillable forms or fill out PDF forms directly on your Android device, streamlining your workflow.

  • Efficient File Management: Organize your PDFs effortlessly, and access them from cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox or use the PDF compressor tool to manage storage limitations.

Our Personal Experience:

When you first open the PDF Reader Pro app, its elements are clearly marked, with all your recent files ready to be opened. We found the interface extremely easy to use with many of its conversion and editing features already available under "Advanced Tools" on its Home interface. Pair this with its lifetime subscription on desktop and it's minimal fee for no ads in-app on Android, we found this software to be not only helpful but very cost-effective in the long term.

Pricing Model

Full App Version Free with ads
Upgraded App Version No ads with an in-app fee

Download PDF Reader Pro for Windows

PDF Reader Pro for Windows is a robust and versatile application designed to assist you in viewing, changing file size, and converting different file types. With a user-friendly interface and a range of powerful features, it stands out as a comprehensive solution.


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2. Adobe Acrobat Reader - The Industry Standard

Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat DC is synonymous with PDFs, and its Android version lives up to its reputation. The app provides a reliable platform for viewing, annotating, and signing PDFs. However, its editing capabilities are more limited compared to PDF Reader Pro.

Image Source: Adobe Acrobat


  • Industry Standard: Trusted by millions of users worldwide as the go-to PDF viewer and editor.

  • Reliable Annotation Tools: Provides essential annotation features for highlighting, underlining, and adding comments.

  • Seamless Integration: Works seamlessly with Adobe Document Cloud, allowing for easy access and sharing of PDFs across devices.


Our Personal Experience:

A plus point of downloading Adobe Acrobat for Android is that you can opt to use the entire creative suite, for an additional amount on your subscription. We found that although the mobile app was user-friendly, it at times struggled to sync with the desktop version and provided no real means of customer support to resolve the issue (only an FAQ or bot chat system). You will find all the tools you need incorporated in this app, but it does come at a high cost compared to other apps in the mobile PDF app world. 

Pricing Model

Mobile App Free to install
Acrobat Standard $12.99 per user/month
Acrobat Pro $19.99 per user/month


3. WPS Office - A Multifunctional Suite

WPS Office is not just a PDF editor; it's a complete office suite for Android. While it may not offer the same depth of PDF-specific features as PDF Reader Pro, it provides a versatile solution for creating, editing, and viewing documents of various formats.

Image Source: WPS Office


  • Multifunctional Suite: Offers a complete office suite for creating, editing, and viewing various document formats.

  • Versatile Editing Tools: Provides basic PDF editing features alongside robust tools for handling other document types.

  • Cloud Integration: Syncs documents with popular cloud storage services for easy access and collaboration.

Our Personal Experience:

The main draw to this app is the fact that it comes with three other tools to edit spreadsheets, PowerPoint files, and Word documents. It's great for making basic edits and tweaking files on the go on your mobile device. However, the Android app appears as a slightly watered-down version of its desktop version. The display may be difficult to navigate optimally for certain users and for others, it may not provide enough functionality to work with all the aspects of your documents. Lastly, the lack of auto-save functionality may result in lost work, so be sure to do so manually.

Pricing Model

Full Version Free on Google Play Store


4. Foxit PDF Editor and Reader - Feature-Packed

Foxit PDF Editor and Reader for Android is known for its user-friendly interface and robust feature set. It supports annotations, form filling, and collaborative features, making it a solid choice for users who prioritize a clean design with essential tools.

Image Source: Foxit


  • User-Friendly Interface: Features an intuitive interface and design that caters to both casual and professional users.

  • Rich Annotation Tools: Allows users to annotate PDFs with stamps, text boxes, and drawing tools.

  • Collaborative Features: Supports real-time collaboration on PDF documents, enhancing teamwork and productivity.


Our Personal Experience:

The bubbly interface of this app makes it a pleasure to use. It provides integration with Google Drive and other drop-storage platforms which is very useful for quick-sharing and collaboration on your mobile device. It's also capable of all the necessary editing and converting you may need to perform on your PDFs without overcomplicating it. A downfall of the Android version, however, is that it is not capable of everything offered by the same app on iOS. 

Pricing Model

Basic App Free to download


5. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor - Collaboration at its Core

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor focuses on collaborative editing, allowing multiple users to review and annotate PDFs in real-time. While its editing capabilities are commendable, PDF Reader Pro surpasses it in terms of overall functionality.

Image Source: Xodo PDF


  • Real-Time Collaboration: Enables multiple users to review and annotate PDFs simultaneously, fostering teamwork.

  • Annotation Syncing: Syncs annotations across devices, ensuring consistency and accessibility across the user interface. 

  • PDF Merging and Split Feature: Allows users to merge or split PDF documents for streamlined document management.


Our Personal Experience:

This is a great app for users looking for basic features such as highlighting and editing text. We found a roadblock once we intended to merge or split PDF documents and create any PDFs from scratch. If you'd like these functionalities, you will need to pay to use them within the app. Otherwise, the app's user interface is easy to navigate, albeit simpler than the apps previously discussed. 

Pricing Model

Mobile App Free to download with in-app pricing
Xodo Pro $12 per user/month


6. OfficeSuite - Beyond PDF Editing

OfficeSuite is a versatile office app that includes PDF editing features. While it may not specialize in PDFs like PDF Reader Pro, its comprehensive suite of tools for creating and editing various document types makes it a valuable addition.

Image Source: OfficeSuite


  • Comprehensive Office Suite: Offers a wide variety of tools for creating, editing, and managing various document formats.

  • Cloud Connectivity: Integrates with popular cloud storage services for easy document syncing and collaboration.

  • PDF Conversion: Converts PDFs to other formats and vice versa, providing flexibility in finished document handling.


Our Personal Experience:

We found this app to be similar to the WPS Office software for mobile, providing lots of functionality through its different programs. The interface is not much different from the desktop app, making it a bit laborious to navigate with small documents and large toolbars and buttons. Our biggest obstacle with this app would have to be the pricing. Instead of a fixed fee, we encountered hidden charges for certain actions. We recommend users weigh up the convenience of having access to more than just PDF editing with the extra cost.

Pricing Model

Mobile App Free to download with in-app purchases
Business Extra $7 per user/month
Home & Business $100 (one-time purchase)


7. CamScanner - Scan and Edit on the Go

CamScanner not only transforms your Android device into a portable scanner but also offers basic PDF editing features. It's an excellent choice for users who frequently need to scan and edit documents on the go.

Image Source: CamScanner

  • Mobile Scanning: Transforms Android devices into portable scanners for digitizing physical documents.

  • Basic Editing Features: Provides essential editing tools for modifying scanned PDFs on the go.

  • OCR Technology: Utilizes OCR technology to extract text from scanned documents, enhancing usability.

Our Personal Experience:

This app is perfect for scanning, printing, and extracting text from PDFs. It does exactly what it should, plus it allows you to convert and sign documents – a real bonus for those first downloading the app for scanning purposes. 

Pricing Model

Basic Version Free to download
Premium Account Available as an in-app purchase (pricing dependent on features)

8. Polaris Office - Cloud-Centric Editing

Polaris Office integrates with various cloud services and provides a collaborative platform for editing documents, including PDFs. While its PDF editing features are noteworthy, PDF Reader Pro remains a more specialized option.

Image Source: Polaris Office


Best Features:

  • Cloud-Centric Editing: Offers seamless integration with cloud services for easy document storage and collaboration.

  • Collaborative Platform: Facilitates real-time collaboration on documents, including PDFs, for enhanced productivity.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Works across multiple devices and platforms, ensuring accessibility and flexibility.

Our Personal Experience:

The Android app version of Polaris Office is only available with full business functionality, while the iOS version is offered to users for home use as well. Apple users also have the option to purchase a lifetime license while Android users don't. 

Pricing Model

Android App for Business Free to download (in-app subscription)
Polaris Office Business $7.99 per user/month


9. PDFelement - Simplified Editing

PDFelement for Android brings simplified PDF editing to your fingertips. While it may lack some of the advanced features of PDF Reader Pro, it serves as a straightforward solution for users seeking basic editing capabilities.

Image Source: Wondershare PDFelement


  • Simplified Editing: Provides straightforward PDF editing tools for basic document modifications.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Features an intuitive interface that makes PDF editing accessible to users of all skill levels.

  • Document Security: Offers security features for protecting PDFs, including password protection and encryption.


Our Personal Experience:

The Android version of this app is very easy to use while providing extra features only now coming to the forefront in other apps, such as AI-powered writing and reading. It's very conveniently compatible with Google Drive and makes it easy to share documents for signing and collaborating across mobile devices. However, advanced features are limited, and there is no free version available. 

Pricing Model

Monthly Plan $3.99 per month
Yearly Plan $24.99 per year
Perpetual Plan $34.99 once-off


Best Practices for Managing Apps on Android Devices

Managing apps on Android devices efficiently can help optimize device performance, enhance security, and improve user experience. Here are some best practices you can follow to keep your apps functioning optimally:


1. Regularly Update Apps:

Keep your apps up to date by enabling automatic updates or manually checking for updates regularly. Updated apps often include bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features, enhancing both functionality and security.

2. Uninstall Unused Apps:

Periodically review and uninstall apps that you no longer use or need. Unused apps take up storage space and can impact device performance. Uninstalling them frees up storage space and reduces clutter on your device.

3. Organize Apps:

Organize your apps into folders or categories to make them easier to find and access. Arrange apps based on their usage frequency or functionality to streamline navigation and improve efficiency.

4. Limit Background Processes:

Restrict background processes for apps that consume excessive resources or drain battery life unnecessarily. Adjusting app settings to limit background activity can help conserve battery and improve device performance.

5. Enable App Permissions Carefully:

Review and manage app permissions to control access to sensitive data and device features. Only grant permissions that are necessary for an app's functionality to protect your privacy and security.

6. Utilize App Management Tools:

Take advantage of built-in app management tools provided by Android, such as App Info and Battery Usage, to monitor app performance, battery consumption, and storage usage. These tools offer insights into app behavior and help identify problematic apps.

7. Use App Lock or Guest Mode:

Secure sensitive apps and data by using built-in app lock features or third-party app lockers. Additionally, consider enabling guest mode to restrict access to certain apps and features when sharing your device with others.

8. Backup App Data:

Backup app data regularly to prevent data loss in case of device malfunction or data corruption. Use cloud storage services or backup apps to create backups of app data, including settings, preferences, and user-generated content.

9. Monitor App Updates and Reviews:

Stay informed about app updates, user reviews, and ratings to assess the quality and reliability of apps before installing or updating them. Pay attention to user feedback regarding app performance, stability, and security issues.

10. Secure Your Device:

Protect your Android device against malware and unauthorized access by installing reliable antivirus software, enabling device encryption, and using secure lock screen methods such as PIN, pattern, or biometric authentication.

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FAQs: Managing PDF Files

Have questions about advanced features or applications like Adobe Acrobat DC? Peruse our FAQ section to find the answers about mobile versus desktop versions and more.


How can I reduce the file size of my PDF documents?

You can use PDF compression tools like PDF Reader Pro or Kdan PDF Reader, which offer PDF compression features to reduce the file size without compromising quality.


Can I create digital forms using PDF management software?

Yes, many PDF solutions, such as Kdan PDF Reader, offer tools for creating digital forms with form fields that users can fill out electronically.


Is it possible to split PDF files into smaller documents?

Absolutely! PDF management tools like PDF Reader Pro and Kdan PDF Reader provide a split feature, allowing users to divide large PDF files into smaller, more manageable ones.


How can I edit PDF files on my Android device?

You can use mobile PDF editing apps like Kdan PDF Reader, which offer streamlined user interfaces and essential editing tools tailored for Android devices.


Can PDF management software convert documents from other file formats?

Yes, many PDF solutions, including PDF Reader Pro and Kdan PDF Reader, come with PDF conversion capabilities, allowing users to convert documents from various file formats to PDF and vice versa.


Are there PDF management tools with real-time collaboration features?

Absolutely! Whether you're creating a document from scratch or making minor edits, PDF Reader Pro offers real-time collaboration tools, enabling multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


How do I manage storage space when dealing with numerous PDF files?

You can utilize PDF compression tools available in PDF management software like PDF Reader Pro and Kdan PDF Reader to reduce the file size of PDF documents, thereby optimizing storage space on your device or cloud storage service.


Are there any PDF management tools that offer a wide variety of annotation features?

Yes, PDF solutions like PDF Reader Pro provide powerful annotation tools, allowing users to highlight, underline, strikethrough, and add comments or annotations to PDF documents without having to rely on online collaboration tools.


Can I access PDF documents from multiple devices using PDF management software?

Absolutely! Many PDF solutions, such as PDF Reader Pro and Kdan PDF Reader, offer cross-platform compatibility, enabling users to access their PDF documents and the built-in essential tools from desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets seamlessly.


How can I secure my PDF documents against unauthorized access or tampering with PDF editor software?

You can use PDF management tools like PDF Reader Pro and Kdan PDF Reader, which offer security features such as password protection, encryption, and digital signatures to safeguard your PDF documents from unauthorized access and ensure document integrity.


How do AI-powered features benefit users?

AI-powered features streamline document processing, automate repetitive tasks, and provide intelligent suggestions, resulting in increased efficiency and accuracy.


Can you provide examples of AI-powered features in PDF Reader Pro?

Examples of AI-powered features include smart annotations, automated document classification, and predictive text analysis, which simplify document management and editing tasks.


In the realm of Android PDF editing software, PDF Reader Pro stands as the most comprehensive and user-friendly solution. Its feature set, coupled with its intuitive user interface, ensures that users can accomplish intricate editing tasks with ease. Whether you're a business professional managing documents on the go or a student annotating lecture notes, PDF Reader Pro sets the standard for Android PDF editors.

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