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How to Print Multiple PDFs at Once

Printing multiple PDFs at once can save you time and effort. Learn how to do this efficiently with step-by-step instructions in this guide.
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Printing each PDF file individually is a great approach, but it often consumes time. Imagine a solution that allows you to print multiple PDF files simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Where there's a will, there is a way. In this case, PDF Reader Pro is the way to go. 



How to Print Multiple PDFs at Once On Windows

Step 1: Open the PDF files:

Click on "File" in the menu bar and select "Open" to load the PDF files you want to print. You can also use the "Ctrl" key to select multiple files at once.

open files pdf reader pro


Step 2: Select multiple PDFs:

Follow the usual steps when you want to print a single PDF file. Go to "File" and click "Print"

print pages


Step 5: Configure print settings:

Configure your print settings in the Print dialog box, such as the printer selection, number of copies, and page range. Adjust any other print settings according to your preferences.


printing settings


Step 4: Select multiple PDF files

On the print panel, select "Batch" button at the bottom left corner. Now you can add and select all the PDF files that you want to print at once.


print multiple pdf files


Step 5: Start printing:

Click the "Print" button to initiate the printing process. PDF Reader Pro will send all the selected PDFs to the printer simultaneously.

How to Print Multiple PDFs at Once On Mac

Step 1: Open Your PDF Files:

Launch PDF Reader Pro; click "Multiple" on the home page.

Step 2: Print:

Navigate through the typical process for printing a single PDF file. Head to "File" and select "Print."

Step 3: Adjust Print Settings:

Select which PDFs you would like to Batch print.


Step 4: Print

Click on "Print".

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PDF Reader Pro's Printing Features

PDF Reader Pro is a versatile PDF reader and editor that offers various printing features to enhance your document management experience. Here are some of the key printing features provided by PDF Reader Pro:

1. Batch printing:

PDF Reader Pro allows you to print multiple PDF files simultaneously, streamlining the process and saving time. This is particularly useful when you need to print a collection of documents at once.

2. Print preview:

The application includes a print preview feature, enabling you to preview how the printed pages will appear before sending the job to the printer. This ensures that the layout and formatting meet your expectations.

3. Custom print settings:

PDF Reader Pro provides extensive print customization options. Users can configure settings such as printer selection, number of copies, page range, and other specific print preferences to tailor the output to their needs.

4. Printer management:

PDF Reader Pro integrates with your computer's printer management system, allowing you to choose from available printers, set printer preferences, and manage print jobs efficiently.

5. Cross-Platform Consistency:

Whether using PDF Reader Pro on Windows or Mac, the printing features remain consistent, providing a easy experience across different operating systems.

I find printing through PDF Reader Pro incredibly smooth, delivering crisp and clear documents every time, essential for my professional presentations and personal projects.

Additionally, merging and splitting PDFs directly within the app greatly simplifies my document management, allowing me to compile research and effortlessly separate large files into more manageable sections.

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These features enhance my daily workflow and save a significant amount of time, making PDF Reader Pro indispensable for my document-related tasks.

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