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How to Search PDF on Google

Find out how to search PDF on Google and get your exact results. This guide from PDF Reader Pro will show you how to locate any PDF you might need using Google's universal search function.
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With PDF Reader Pro and some handy search operators, you can narrow your searches and find the exact PDFs you're after.

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Method 1: The Power of Google's "filetype:" Operator

Finding the exact PDFs you need can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. That's where the "filetype:" operator becomes a game-changer for us.

By enabling us to hone in on PDF documents exclusively, this simple yet powerful tool significantly streamlines our search process on Google. 

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Step 1: Type "filetype:pdf" followed by your search term to uncover relevant PDFs

For instance, searching "filetype:pdf digital marketing" will present PDFs related to digital marketing.

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Step 2: For more specific results, add more keywords

For example, "filetype:pdf digital marketing strategies 2023" will show PDFs about 2023's digital marketing strategies.

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Note: The "filetype:" operator isn't just for PDFs. It can be used with DOC, XLS, TXT, PPT, and other file formats.

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Method 2: Refining Your Search: Excluding Specific Terms

In our quest for the perfect PDFs, we often encounter a common obstacle: too many irrelevant results cluttering our search.

This is where the art of exclusion shines, thanks to Google's "-" operator. 

Step 1: To exclude specific words or phrases, use the "-" operator

E.g., "filetype:pdf digital marketing -beginners" will exclude beginner guides.

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Step 2: For phrases, place them in quotes with a preceding "-"

So, "filetype:pdf digital marketing -"beginner's guide"" will exclude any PDF titled "beginner's guide".

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Method 3: Searching for PDFs on Specific Websites

The "site:" operator stands out as an indispensable tool in these instances, enabling us to narrow our searches to PDFs hosted on particular domains.

This approach not only streamlines our search efforts but also enhances the reliability of the information we gather. 

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Step 1: If you want to find PDFs from a certain website, use the "site:" operator

For instance, "filetype:pdf" will show PDFs from

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Step 2: To further refine, combine with the "-" operator: "filetype:pdf -beginners"

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