What's New with PDF Reader Pro for Students?

Thu. 30 Aug. 201821793

Time flies! A new academic year begins. Students with different emotions and ambitions prepare their new beginnings in school. They may make schedules and do researches in how to improve themselves. While making study much more flexible and smarter is one of the most vital steps to achieve it.


PDF Reader Pro for Students


Now here is the opportunity. Our PDF Reader Pro made a great effort to make study much smarter rather than harder. Let’s start!



Annotation Edit


As students, what should you do when you find some undesired parts in your PDF materials? PDF Reader Pro appears to help you solve this problem. There are three ways you can follow:

Just select the part that you want to edit,

1, right click to choose Annotate, and then tap Text Box;

2, Or click the Annotate on the main menu and select Text Box;

3, Or choose Text Box icon on the toolbar.

A box will jump out and you can tap the right one. Lastly you just need to select Background Color and drag it to cover the original part. Then the problem is solved.


Annotation Edit



Can’t be forgotten is that during the class, you may make a lot of notes. However, after you manage these notes, such as several highlights or underlines or circles, you will find some of them are unnecessary. Now, you can use PDF Reader Pro to delete them. How to do? For example, you firstly select the highlights using Notes Panel to set the Note Type, and then right click to tap Remove All Annotations. Or just long-tap Command and right click the highlights and finally select Remove All Annotations. No matter what, the result is that you delete undesired highlights.



Delete Annotations


Outline Edit


Outlining the materials is within your reach to guide you to find desired parts quickly and correctly. PDF Reader Pro now supports to create an outline by yourself. Grasp and select the summarized word or phrase you want to Add Outline Item, then you can edit it. Totally create your own special outline! What needs to be mentioned is that you can edit the outline. For example, when there needs a hierarchy relation, you can drag the item casually as you like. Or when you right click to choose Edit, you can change the Label and the link destination. PDF Reader Pro makes outline editor a piece of cake!


Outline Edit



Page Sizing and Handling


Rather than printing one PDF page per sheet, students can print multiple PDF sheets on one page if they would like to view just on a single page. For example, they can set page per sheet like 4, 6, 9, 16 or custom. If they choose 4, that is to say it prints 4 pages of PDF on one single page. It enables them to cut down the cost of printing and reduce waste when they print multiple PDFs on a single page.

If they print handouts and booklets, with most PDF viewers, they'll get one slide per page with no headers or footers. However, if they use the latest version of PDF Reader Pro, printing more slides per page becomes a piece of cake: under Tools and select Page Sizing & Handling, set page size, page range and other properties to print a flexible form.


PDF Editing tool



With the optimization of PDF Reader Pro, besides the mentioned functions above, there are several other updates: PDF Reader Pro supports crop & snapshot. Also, password & permission removal now can be achieved. What’s more, dynamic stamp and other formats of files converted to PDFs are within your reach.


PDF Reader Pro releases new updates! Hope these ways can be helpful to you. Download PDF Reader Pro Lite and try the 7-day free trial, you will find it a surprise!  Now the latest version of PDF Reader Pro is waiting for you!


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