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How OnTheHub Is Improving Digital Education Services With PDF Technologies

OnTheHub, in collaboration with PDF Technologies, has significantly increased its provision of educational services for students, faculties, and their staff. Learn more about our progressive partnership by clicking here.
How OnTheHub Is Improving Digital Education Services With PDF Technologies

Access to affordable digital resources has become paramount in today's rapidly evolving educational landscape. Recognizing this need, OnTheHub, powered by Kivuto®, has emerged as a pioneering force in providing comprehensive solutions for schools to manage and distribute digital resources for over two decades. 

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With a clear vision of transforming education, OnTheHub has become the go-to platform for students, faculties, and educational stakeholders to access a wide range of software, eBooks, and other digital tools at significantly discounted prices.

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At the heart of OnTheHub's success lies a strategic partnership with PDF Technologies, a company dedicated to supporting educational causes worldwide. Together, we are revolutionizing the way academic software and educational resources are obtained, making them more accessible and affordable for students and schools alike.

"PDF Reader Pro stands out as a powerhouse—robust, adaptable, and economically priced. It has become the cornerstone of my document management, meeting a broad spectrum of needs with ease."
Theodore Cipolla
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The Organizations Revolutionizing Modern Education

Let’s delve into the collaborative efforts of OnTheHub and PDF Technologies, exploring how our shared social vision is reshaping the educational landscape. We will examine our Partnership Program, which fuels business growth for software resellers and fosters an environment where educational stakeholders can join forces and contribute to the cause.

Join us on this transformative journey as we uncover the impact of OnTheHub and PDF Technologies' collaboration, shedding light on our innovative solutions and the profound benefits for students, educators, and institutions worldwide. 

Together, we can empower the next generation with the tools they need to succeed, fostering a brighter future for education.

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What OnTheHub Does

OnTheHub, powered by Kivuto®, is a renowned company based in Ottawa, Canada, with over 20 years of experience in providing digital resource management and distribution solutions for schools. In 2012, the team developed OnTheHub as an open eStore specifically designed for academic discounts on software, eBooks, and other digital resources.

Today, OnTheHub has emerged as a trusted educational partner, collaborating with leading software vendors such as Adobe, Microsoft, VMware, National Instruments, and PDF Technologies.

Since our partnership with OnTheHub in 2022, numerous educational customers have been able to access and download PDF Reader Pro from the platform. 

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PDF Technologies is committed to supporting educational causes worldwide, and we are actively seeking premium educational resellers to expand the academic market overseas. We aim to align our social vision with OnTheHub's goals while fostering business growth. 

But how exactly do OnTheHub and PDF Technologies collaborate to realize this shared educational vision? Our primary catalyst is the Partnership Program, which enables us to work together effectively.

OnTheHub's Impact

First and foremost, higher education software vendors’ provisions in OnTheHub are a valuable resource for students, faculty, and other academic stakeholders by offering software at significantly discounted prices, reducing the burden on schools to purchase expensive licenses.

PDF Reader Pro's Role

PDF Reader Pro, recognized for its exceptional performance by esteemed platforms such as G2, Capterra, and GetApp, is an excellent alternative to Adobe's PDF solution. Its simplicity and powerful features make it an ideal resource for educational users, leading to our approval by OnTheHub.

The Partnership Program in Action

Beyond assisting software resellers in growing their businesses with PDF Technologies, our Partnership Program welcomes all potential partners who share our educational cause. We have designed various plans for our channel partners to provide their customers (consumers, retailers, and SMBs) with a more cost-effective alternative to vendors like Adobe®. 

It's worth noting that the rewards offered will be proportional to the investment made in our relationship. Please see them below:

  • Industry-leading competitive margins, up to 50% off
  • NFR Licenses
  • No program-entry fees or sales pressure
  • Be listed on our official partner site
  • Simple cooperation process
  • Sales and marketing promotion resources
  • User account management and license allocation support
  • Access to a technical sales support team with decades of experience in sales and business development (pre-sales and post-sales) 

Results and Impact

"PDF Technologies is committed to the future of students and shares our vision to revolutionize the way academic software and educational resources are obtained by schools worldwide." - OnTheHub

In 2022, PDF Reader Pro emerged as the top deal on OnTheHub, and in 2023, Filmage Screen, another product from PDF Technologies, also claimed the top spot. By partnering with us, OnTheHub has significantly enhanced its educational services, experienced substantial business growth, and helped students and educators save up to 90% on software vendors. PDF Technologies remains dedicated to providing ongoing support in the field of education.

"PDF Reader Pro not only enhances productivity; it redefines it with its innovative features and reliable performance."
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The Main Results Of The PDF Reader Pro And OnTheHub Collaboration

“PDF Technologies cares about the future of students, and shares their vision with us to transform the way schools around the globe get academic software and educational resources.”

– OnTheHub

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1. Enhancing Educational Affordability

In today's cost-conscious educational environment, finding affordable solutions is crucial. OnTheHub, in collaboration with PDF Technologies, understands this challenge and has taken significant steps to address it. 

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By offering academic discounts on software, eBooks, and digital resources, they empower students, educators, and institutions to access the tools they need without breaking the bank. 

PDF Reader Pro genuinely values the crucial role that educators and faculty members play in shaping our future. To show our appreciation and support, we've created a Volume Licensing Program and Education Pricing Plans specifically tailored to meet their needs. 

These comprehensive plans offer enhanced affordability for those who require larger quantities, demonstrating our sincere commitment to facilitating accessible educational tools for those who educate.

2. Expanding Access to Cutting-Edge Tools

Staying ahead in the digital era requires access to cutting-edge tools and software resellers. OnTheHub, with its partnership with PDF Technologies, ensures that educational stakeholders can access the latest technology solutions at discounted prices. 

By working closely with software reseller program providers such as Adobe, Microsoft, and VMware, OnTheHub curates a diverse catalog of resources, empowering students and educators to explore new avenues of creativity, productivity, and skill development.

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3. Empowering Educational Institutions

Managing and distributing digital resources can be a complex undertaking for educational institutions. OnTheHub and associated PDF Reader Pro resellers streamline this process, alleviating the burden on schools and freeing up valuable resources. 

These provisions are all available through the platform's user-friendly interface, centralized management tools, and licensing options. We’re enabling institutions to manage their digital ecosystem while saving costs efficiently.

4. The Partnership Program: Joining Forces for Education

The collaboration between OnTheHub and PDF Technologies extends beyond providing affordable resources. Their Partnership Program serves as a catalyst for like-minded organizations and resellers to join forces in their shared educational cause. 

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Empowering Education through Collaborative Innovation And Shared Vision

As the educational landscape continues to evolve, the need for affordable, accessible, and cutting-edge digital resources becomes increasingly vital. OnTheHub, in partnership with PDF Technologies, is at the forefront of this revolution, empowering students, educators, and institutions to thrive in the digital age. 

Through our collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, we are helping reshape the educational landscape and making quality education more attainable for all. By leveraging the power of the Partnership Program, more organizations and resellers can join this transformative journey, fueling growth and making a lasting impact on education. Together, we can create a brighter future for students, where knowledge knows no boundaries.

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