Top 6 Must-Have Software for Law Students

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Concerning the most prestigious but difficult professions in the world, what often springs to mind is Law. Because of the complexity and particularity of law fields, there are too many difficulties that have to be surmounted as a law student including the searching & sorting out of massive legal documents and so on. In addition, it's hard for law school students to keep all their clutter in one place. However, there seems to be a twist with the spread of online apps. Rather than taking the time-consuming way of searching for law cases, court documents, the rules of law or other law-related books in the physical library and the tedious way of filing the print edition of these books, using online apps will greatly boost your study efficiency. 


Here are the well-received top 6 softwares applied by law students or used in legal practice. Creative use of the right apps will deeply streamline your study.


1. B-Legal 

2. Law Dojo 

3. Evernote 

4. OneDrive 

5. Class Timetable  

6. PDF Reader Pro 





Image Source: B-Legal 

B-Legal is considered to be the most authoritative law app with Court Judgements, Legislations and the 2nd Edition of the Black's Law Dictionary for lawyers and law students in the United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Australia, India and more. In addition, law students are allowed to search for cases according to certain law principles. 



  • Massive law reports/dictums/principles for law students in the field of litigation

  • Tags for different fields of law to enable easier and faster legal research

  • Acts, Constitutions and other Laws of different common law countries such as UK, US, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Australia, India and more (available offline)

  • Simplified legal dictionary with over 5,000 English and Latin terms from the second edition of the black's law dictionary

Law Dojo 

Law Dojo

Image Source: Law Dojo

Law Dojo is an app to train your legal muscles by knowledge tests or quizzes related to specific areas of law - constitutional law, criminal law, torts, contracts, ethics, and beyond. Also, it comes with LSAT vocabulary test & Law School Bootcamp for those who want to get a taste of what awaits at law school.



  • Multiple game options to learn laws smarter.

  • Different levels in each game with points to win for quick knowledge learning.

  • With a light, clean and easy-to-use interface for better interactive experience.



Image Source: Evernote

Thanks to its simple design and ability to capture notes and recordings in real time, Evernote is by far the best note-taking/knowledge base management app. In addition to recording, saving and organizing written notes, law students are allowed to scan and label all legal materials into electronic storage with Evernotes’ scanning function, making it easy to access and share documents anytime and anywhere.



  • Capture ideas as notes & to-do lists, easy to share

  • Powerful search to even find text in images and handwritten notes

  • Create notebooks for each class and keep everything organized

  • Provide annotation and markup tools, audio recording available

  • Access anywhere to Sync your notes without missing a beat





Image Source: OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive keeps law students’ photos and files backed up, protected, synced, and accessible on all their devices. Moreover, it lets you view and share OneDrive files, documents, and photos freely with your classmates and teachers. Plus, the phone's photos and videos related to study can be automatically backed up with it. 



  • Collaboration with Microsoft to view & save law documents

  • Upload videos & keep them in secure photo storage

  • Easy law related file sharing and searching

  • Scan, sign & send law docs right from the OneDrive mobile app

  • All OneDrive files are encrypted at rest and in transit



Class Timetable  

Class Timetable

Image Source: Class Timetable

Class Timetable offers a beautiful color filled interface and optional multi-week timetables for law students to turn the hustle and bustle of life into an orderly one. As the perfect companion for school, college or university, Class Timetable keeps track of classes and adds events to your week's schedule with ease.



  • Home screen widget to see your timetable presented in a beautiful week display

  • Task categories to ensure everything is well organized

  • Class notifications & timetable export & task reminders available



PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro


PDF Reader Pro is a must-have software for Law students as an ultimate PDF Powerhouse. PDFs are likely to be used by law students on account of the document authenticity and security. Furthermore, PDF Reader Pro simplifies PDF management in all dimensions. 



  • Convert your PDF files to Word, Excel, PPT

  • Organize PDF pages easily

  • Fill out PDF forms with interactive fields, free to sign PDFs

  • Encrypt & watermark & Bates numbering available

  • Annotate and markup PDFs with highlight, underline, strikeout, etc 

  • Read PDFs smoothly with multiple reading modes

  • Edit and modify PDF text Freely

  • Support to create Adobe PDF fillable forms

  • OCR to turn PDFs & scanned images into editable files

All in all, these software mentioned above are all qualified to be the right components of the law school toolbox. Moreover, as a law student, you have to deal with stacks of law-related documents everyday. So, your priority should be PDF Reader Pro, which can meet almost all your daily learning needs. Be sure to get the best PDF software for free trial or paid to read, edit, annotate, convert and sign PDFs! 


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