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Navigating the Teams Admin Center for Better Document Management

The Microsoft Teams admin center takes some time to get used to. Check out our guide on navigating the center with proper mastery.
Navigating the Teams Admin Center for Better Document Management

Have you just been made admin of your work Microsoft Teams account and don't know where to start?

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I'll show you how to manage this incredibly sophisticated admin center and ensure your work teams know where and when to join. 


Understanding the Teams Admin Center

Access the Teams overview by navigating to Teams > Manage teams in the admin center.

This section provides a comprehensive view of all teams in your organization, including:

  • Team name
  • Standard channels: Number of standard channels
  • Private channels: Number of private channels
  • Shared channels: Number of shared channels
  • Team members: Total count of owners, members, and guests
  • Owners: Count of team owners
  • Guests: Number of Microsoft Entra B2B guests
  • Privacy: Indicates if the team is public or private
  • Status: Shows if the team is Archived or Active
  • Description: Description of the team
  • Sensitivity: Sensitivity label (may be listed as classification)
  • GroupID: Unique ID for the associated Microsoft 365 group
  • Expiration date: Team's expiration date if a policy is set

To customize the columns, click the Edit columns icon, toggle the columns on or off, and click Apply.

Adding and Managing Teams

Let's get straight to the team management part of this tutorial. By the end, you'll know exactly how to add and edit any team, for any workstream. 

Add a Team

  1. Select "Teams" from the dashboard.
  2. Select "Manage Teams".
  3. Click "Add".
  4. In the Add a new team pane, input the team name, description, privacy setting, and sensitivity label if needed.

Teams plan administrator showing how to add team
Image source: Microsoft Teams

Edit a Team

  1. Select "Teams" from the dashboard.
  2. Select "Manage Teams".
  3. Click next to the team name to select it.
  4. Click Edit to update team settings.

Screenshot of Teams admin center showing editing a team process
Image source: Microsoft Teams

Archive a Team

  1. Select the team by clicking next to its name.
  2. Click Archive to put the team in read-only mode.

Restore Deleted Teams

  1. Go to Teams Admin center > Teams > Manage teams.
  2. Click View deleted teams from the Actions menu.
  3. Select the team to restore and click Restore.
  4. If the team does not appear immediately, refresh the list.

Renew an Expiring Team

  1. Navigate to Teams Admin center > Teams > Manage teams.
  2. Use the Filter to select conditions based on Expiration Date.
  3. Select the expiring team and click Renew, then Confirm.
  4. Refresh the list if necessary to see the updated details.

How to Manage Team Profiles

To access a team's profile page, click the team name from the main overview grid.

The profile page displays members, owners, guests, channels, and settings. From here, you can:

  • Add or remove members and owners
  • Add or remove channels (except the General channel)
  • Change team and group settings

On the profile page, click Edit to update:

  • Team name
  • Description
  • Privacy (public or private)
  • Sensitivity label
  • Member permissions for interacting with messages, channels, and apps
  • Guest permissions for adding or removing channels
  • Fun settings (giphys, stickers, memes)

Changes made to a team are logged. Adjustments to Microsoft 365 group settings are recorded in the audit pipeline, while changes to Teams-specific settings are tracked in the General channel of the team.

How to Manage Teams in the LynxPDF Editor Admin Console

Similarly to Microsoft Teams, LynxPDF Editor has a team manager system called the Admin Console. 

Here, you can manage your LynxPDF Editor licenses at scale, creating teams and managing individual employees. 


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How to Manage Team and Individual Licenses

Check out our interactive demo below and learn how to manage your LynxPDF licenses at scale. 

Let's review which tasks were performed in further detail.

How to create a new team:

  1. We entered the "Manage Team" menu and clicked "Create Team".
  2. There, we added our new team's name and description. 
  3. We selected the team's admin. 
  4. Finally, we assigned LynxPDF and the number of licenses.

How to manage individual members:

  1. Enter the "Manage Member" menu.
  2. Click on "Add Member".
  3. Enter your member's email and name. 
  4. Assign them to a team. 
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