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How to Convert XPS to PDF

Check out our XPS to PDF guide and learn how to quickly convert XPS files to the more universally manageable format of PDF.
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Here is a step-by-step process of converting your XPS files to PDF using PDF Reader Pro. This all-in-one solution makes the transition hassle-free and maintains the integrity of your original content.

Whether you're looking to switch formats for easier file sharing or to safeguard your document layout across platforms, you're in the right place.

How to Convert XPS to PDF

We have a quick guide for converting XPS to PDF in under one minute. Check it out below!

Step 1: Locate your preferred XPS to PDF converter

There are plenty of reputable online XPS to PDF converters available online.

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Step 2: Upload your XPS files to the online conversion tool 

Ensure that you have set the conversion format to "PDF".

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Step 3: Convert your XPS files to PDF

Wait for the tool to finish converting your XPS files to PDF.

Step 4: Download your newly converted PDF files

Click the "Download All" button once the conversion ends.  

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I prefer to use PDF Reader Pro for my common document conversions due to its reliability and the high-quality output it consistently delivers, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity of my work as a content writer.

Beyond conversions, PDF Reader Pro's suite of tools, including advanced editing capabilities, annotation options, and OCR technology, significantly enhances my writing process.

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These features allow me to easily revise documents, incorporate feedback, and digitize text, boosting my workflow and enabling me to focus more on creating compelling content.

How to Convert XPS to PDF: Best Practices

Here, we outline best practices for effectively changing your XPS documents into PDF files, focusing on maintaining quality, compatibility, and security.

  1. Use Reliable Conversion Software: Choose reputable tools like PDF Reader Pro for high-quality conversion.
  2. Check the Document Layout Before Conversion: Preview and adjust the XPS file layout to prevent formatting issues in the converted PDF.
  3. Maintain Original Resolution: Use settings that preserve the resolution of images and graphics during conversion.
  4. Secure Your PDF Post-Conversion: Add passwords, encryption, or watermarks to protect sensitive information in your PDF.
  5. Review and Edit the PDF After Conversion: Inspect the converted PDF for any layout or formatting issues and correct them using PDF editing tools.


By following these best practices, you can ensure a hassle-free, secure, and efficient conversion process for your XPS files to PDF.

PDF Reader Pro eliminates common hurdles with other tools, accommodating various file sizes and types and providing a trustworthy conversion solution, making it an indispensable asset in your digital toolkit.

How to Convert XPS to PDF: FAQ

Can I Convert XPS to PDF Using Any Online Conversion Tool?

While various online tools promise quick conversion from XPS to PDF, they often compromise on quality and security and sometimes require additional software for full functionality. 

Do I Need a Compatible Printer to Convert Files to PDF?

No, there is no need for a compatible printer or any default printer configuration. Software applications like PDF Reader Pro bypass the need for a physical printer, utilizing an included PDF printer functionality within the application itself.

What Role Do Compression Tools Play in Converting XPS Files to PDF?

Compression tools are essential for managing the size of your PDF files, especially when dealing with high-quality images or large documents. While not all conversion tools maintain quality during compression, PDF Reader Pro ensures your documents remain pristine and of the smallest possible file size, suitable for storage or sharing.

Is Adobe Acrobat Necessary for Converting XPS to PDF?

Adobe Acrobat is one of many tools available for this task, but it's not mandatory. PDF Reader Pro offers a great alternative to Adobe Systems' solutions, providing a comprehensive suite of features beyond mere conversions. 

Are There Risks Associated with Using Online Tools for Conversion?

Online tools, especially free versions, often pose security risks, such as unauthorized data access or malware. They may also lack advanced features found in dedicated software like PDF Reader Pro. To ensure data integrity and security, it's advisable to use trusted, reliable software installed directly on your device.

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