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How to Add the Number of Team License?

If the Super Admin has the need of increasing the number of licenses for the team, the Super Admin can do it in the Manage Team section.

1. In the PDF Tech Console, navigate to Team Management->Manage Team;

2. Click on Edit;

3. On the Edit Team page:

- Team Name: the name of the team;

- Team Description: a brief and concise description that accurately represents the team;

- Team Admin: add or remove team admin in the previously designated Team Admin;

- Product: product that the Super Admin has assigned to the team;

- Amount of Team License: the number of licenses of the current product the Super Admin has  assigned;

4. Change the original number to the desired number to be added;

5. Tap Save to save the modification.


- The number of license can be added refers to the quantity of unassigned licenses within the team.

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