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Bill of Sale Template

What's the Bill of Sale Template?

A bill of sale is a legal document that memorializes the sale of an item, typically one of great value. This includes personal property such as laptops, furniture, jewelry, and equipment. You're selling some personal property, or perhaps you're the lucky buyer. Either way, a Bill of Sale helps protect your legal rights and responsibilities. Get it in writing before money changes hands. That way, you'll have proof of transfer of ownership, and you can refer to it if any questions arise about the sale or the object.


When to use the Bill of Sale Template?

For example, this contract is used for the sales of a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle between two parties — a seller and a purchaser. With a car bill of sale, the seller agrees to transfer ownership of an automobile to the purchaser in exchange for a certain amount of money. As a legal record, a vehicle / car bill of sale serves as documentation of a transaction between two parties. Without a valid bill of sale to complete a proper title transfer, the seller may continue to be on the hook for any fees, fines, violations, or criminal shenanigans the new owner (i.e., the “purchaser”) incurs while using the item. In less extreme situations, if you sold your car to someone off of Craigslist without an auto bill of sale and title transfer, you may still be on the hook for future speeding tickets that should actually be sent to the new owner.

Why is important?

By documenting an agreed-upon transaction, a bill of sale serves to protect both the buyer and seller from potential misunderstandings arising from the sale.

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