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Calorie Amoritization Schedule PDF Template

What is a Calorie Amoritization Schedule?

A calorie amortization schedule is a structured plan designed to help individuals track their daily calorie intake and expenditure over a specific period to achieve their weight loss goals. This schedule provides a detailed breakdown of daily basal metabolic rate (BMR), calories consumed, calories burned through exercise, and the resulting calorie deficit. By monitoring these factors regularly, users can assess their progress, adjust their dietary and exercise routines, and stay on track to reach their target weight within a defined timeframe.


How to Fill in Our Calorie Amoritization Schedule PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Calorie Amoritization Schedule template:

Initial Setup

  • Age: Enter your current age.

  • Gender: Specify your gender.

  • Current Weight: Record your starting weight in pounds.

  • Goal Weight: Enter your target weight in pounds.

  • Goal Start Date: Note the date you begin the schedule.

  • Goal Target Date: Enter the date by which you aim to reach your goal weight.

  • Activity Level: Indicate your activity level (e.g., Moderate Activity - exercise 3-5 days/week).

  • Initial Daily Calorie Intake: Record the calories you initially plan to consume daily.

  • Initial Daily Calorie Needs: Enter your estimated daily calorie needs to maintain your current weight.

  • Calories to Burn: Calculate the total calories you need to burn to reach your goal weight.

Daily Tracking

  • Date: Record the date for each entry.

  • Week: Note the week number within your schedule.

  • Day: Specify the day number within the week.

  • Weight: Enter your weight for the day.

  • BMR: Record your basal metabolic rate for the day.

  • Calories Consumed: Enter the total calories you consumed that day.

  • Calories Burned: Record the total calories burned through exercise.

  • Calorie Deficit: Calculate and enter the calorie deficit for the day (Calories Burned - Calories Consumed).

  • Calorie Remaining: Track the remaining calories you need to burn to reach your goal.

  • Pounds Remaining: Record the remaining weight you need to lose.

  • Loss: Calculate your weight loss to date.

  • % of Goal: Enter the percentage of your weight loss goal achieved to date.

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