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Construction Quote

What is a Construction Quote?

A construction quote is a document produced by a construction company that gives a detailed breakdown of the expected costs associated with a proposed project, including things like labor costs, material quantities and costs, and other related details.

What are Construction Quotations used for?

Construction quotations have a variety of different uses. They:

  • provide the construction business an initial document that can show their transaction offer to their clients.

  • allow the clients to identify whether the total amount of the construction quotation will fit their allotted budget for the construction project.

  • help all parties involved to identify if all the items needed in the construction are already listed down for a smoother flow and execution of the construction process


How to use a construction estimate template?

Once you’ve chosen a construction estimate template, take a look at this step-by-step list to come up with a good estimate using a method called unit costing:

  • Compile all the line items (assemblies) for a job.

  • Attach a unit cost to each line item.

  • Total your numbers and have them checked by a qualified second party.

  • Apply your standard markup to get a final price.

Before you begin, take note of potential pitfalls such as failing to read all project documents or forgetting to record an expense. Check and recheck your work.

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Inclusions of a Construction Quotation

Construction quotations should always be complete and organized. Though there are different formats and templates that you may follow, the content of this document is what matters most as it will serve as the foundation of the entire transaction.

It is therefore important to remember the basic inclusions of a construction quotation. Among those are the following:

  • The name of the construction business

  • The contact information of the construction business

  • The name of the client to whom the construction quotation is for

  • The construction title

  • The terms and conditions of the quotation

  • The quantity of the items that are needed for all the construction processes

  • The name and description of the items to be purchased and acquired by the client

  • The cost per unit of the items listed in the quotation

  • The total cost per item group

  • The total amount of the transaction

  • The date of the validity of the construction quotation

*Since there are different kinds of construction quotations, some items may be added or deducted from the list above.

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