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Game Dev Tycoon 1.7 Guide

Introducing the Game Dev Tycoon 1.7 Guide

Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation game where you manage a game development company from its early stages to becoming a market leader. 

The guide helps you create successful video games by balancing key development elements like gameplay, story, and graphics. It also provides strategies for navigating platform compatibility, genre preferences, and target audience demographics to maximize your game's success.


Understanding the Game Dev Tycoon 1.7 Guide

  1. Detailed Development Strategies by Genre:

    • Action Games:

      • Prioritize Engine, Gameplay, AI, Graphics, and Sound.

      • Minimize focus on Story, Dialogues, and World Design.

    • RPGs:

      • Focus on Story, Dialogues, and World Design.

      • Lower emphasis on Engine and AI.

  2. Comprehensive Platform Compatibility Insights:

    • PC:

      • Excellent for Simulation and Strategy games, good for RPGs and Casual games.

      • Less ideal for Casual games.

    • PlaySystem:

      • Great for Action and Adventure, suitable for RPGs.

      • Less effective for Strategy and Simulation games.

  3. Game Topic Preferences:

    • Fantasy:

      • Strong in Adventure, RPG, and Simulation genres, moderately good in Casual.

      • Not suitable for Strategy.

    • Sports:

      • Best for Simulation, decent for Action and Casual.

      • Not favorable for RPG and Strategy.

  4. Target Audience and Game Ratings:

    • Young (Y):

      • Prefer Casual, good for Adventure and Simulation.

      • Less suitable for Action and Strategy.

    • Mature (M):

      • Ideal for Action and RPG, good for Adventure and Strategy.

      • Not fitting for Casual.

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