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IRS Form 2441

What Is Form 2441?

Form 2441, Child and Dependent Care Expenses, is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) form used to report child and dependent care expenses on your tax return in order to claim a tax credit for those expenses. If you paid someone, whether it be an individual or a care facility, to look after a child or another qualifying dependent so you could work or look for work, you may be eligible to use it to claim a tax credit.


Who Needs Form 2441?

The IRS spells out specific guidelines on who is eligible to claim the child and dependent care tax credit and what the credit is worth. Qualified care expenses, which include household services, were paid if you paid someone to care for a dependent in your home. Care expenses paid to a child or dependent care center also qualify. The following must be true. 1. The amounts paid for care were paid so you could work or look for work. (The same applies to your spouse if you’re married and file a joint return.) 2. The expenses were paid for an eligible dependent, which includes a qualifying child under 13, a disabled spouse, or another disabled individual whom you are able to claim as a dependent and for whom you paid care expenses.2 The credit, which reduces your tax liability, can be worth 20% to 35% of some or all of the dependent care expenses you paid for the year. The credit maxes out at $2,100 for 2020.

What Is Form 2441 Used For?

Form 2441 is used to figure the amount of child and dependent care expenses for which you may able to claim a tax credit. Filling out this form doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be eligible for the credit. Instead, it’s used to help you calculate what the credit may be worth to you if you qualify. You complete this form and attach it to Form 1040 when filing your taxes.

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