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Lease Termination Letter PDF Template

What is a Lease Termination Letter?

A Lease Termination Letter is a formal document used to notify the termination of a lease agreement. It is typically used by either the landlord or the tenant to communicate the intention to end the lease before the originally agreed-upon end date or to confirm that the lease will not be renewed after its expiration.

The purpose of this letter is to:

  1. Provide a written record of the intent to terminate the lease.

  2. Ensure both parties understand the terms and timelines associated with ending the lease.

  3. Avoid potential disputes or misunderstandings.


Key components of a Lease Termination Letter

  1. Letterhead/Address:

    • If you have an official letterhead, use it. Otherwise, start with your name and address, followed by the date, and then the recipient's name and address.

  2. Introduction:

    • Clearly state who you are (landlord or tenant) and reference the property in question (typically by providing the address).

  3. Lease Details:

    • Mention the original lease agreement's start date and end date. Including a reference to the lease agreement, like an agreement number, can be beneficial.

  4. Termination Details:

    • Clearly state the intent to terminate the lease.

    • Specify the exact date on which the lease will end.

    • If applicable, provide the reasons for early termination. Note: This should be in accordance with any early termination clauses in the original lease agreement.

  5. Property Condition:

    • If you're the landlord, remind the tenant of their obligation to return the property in the condition they received it, accounting for normal wear and tear.

    • If you're the tenant, you might express your intent to do so or specify any arrangements already made.

  6. Security Deposit:

    • Address the return of the security deposit, if applicable. Mention any conditions or deductions that might apply based on the terms of the original lease.

  7. Final Inspection:

    • If required, propose a date for the final inspection of the property to assess its condition.

  8. Contact Information:

    • Provide up-to-date contact details, and express your openness to discuss any aspects of the termination.

  9. Forwarding Address:

    • If you're the tenant, provide a forwarding address for the landlord to send any final correspondence or the security deposit return.

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