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Letter of Recommendation for Scholarship PDF Template

What is a Letter of Recommendation for a Scholarship?


A Letter of Recommendation for a Scholarship is a document written by an individual, often a teacher, counselor, mentor, or employer, who can vouch for a student's qualifications and character, endorsing them for a specific scholarship opportunity. The letter aims to provide the scholarship committee with an external perspective on the student's achievements, capabilities, character, and potential, assisting them in their selection process.


Key Components of a Letter of Recommendation for a Scholarship

  1. Introduction: The writer introduces themselves, describes their professional role, and explains their relationship to the student (e.g., "I have taught John in Advanced Math for two years").

  2. Details about the Scholarship: A mention of the specific scholarship for which the student is being recommended. This shows the letter's customization and specificity.

  3. Academic Achievements: Discussion of the student's academic performance, noting any particular strengths, notable projects, or instances of exceptional achievement.

  4. Extracurricular Activities: Mention of the student's involvement outside the classroom, such as clubs, sports, or community service, especially if these activities relate to the scholarship's focus.

  5. Character Traits: Highlight personal qualities of the student that make them a suitable candidate for the scholarship. This might include traits like determination, leadership, resilience, or creativity.

  6. Relevance to the Scholarship: Explanation of why the student is particularly suited for this scholarship, possibly connecting their goals, background, or experiences to the scholarship's purpose or criteria.

  7. Comparative Evaluation: If possible, comparing the student to peers to provide context (e.g., "Among the students I've taught in the past five years, Sarah ranks in the top 5%").

  8. Conclusion: A summary of the endorsement, reiterating the recommendation, and offering willingness to provide further information if required.

  9. Contact Information: Providing a way for the scholarship committee to reach out if they have additional questions or need clarification.

  10. Signature: The letter should be formally signed, and if it's a physical letter, it's preferable to have a handwritten signature.

A few considerations when writing or requesting a Letter of Recommendation for a Scholarship:

  • Timeliness: Ensure the letter is submitted before the scholarship deadline.

  • Appropriateness: The person writing the recommendation should be someone familiar with the student's academic and/or personal achievements and should be in a position to evaluate the student's capabilities effectively.

  • Specificity: The best recommendation letters are tailored to the particular scholarship and provide specific examples of the student's accomplishments.

The recommendation letter plays a crucial role in the scholarship application process as it provides an external validation of the student's credentials, complementing transcripts, essays, and other application components.

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