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Can I Download the Free Trial of PDF Reader Pro for Windows?

Absolutely! Within one week, it's free for you to use all the excellent features. You can see how PDF Reader Pro gives a flawless PDF reading experience and makes paperless feel easy and seamless.


You can start on the 7-Day FREE TRIAL within the app by following the instructions below:

1. Click Free Download from the webpage PDF Reader Pro for Windows;

2. Click Get and download the app through Microsoft Store;

3. Open PDF Reader Pro, click Upgrade on Home screen, and then select Quarterly subscription 3-Months Pro License;

4. Then click Subscribe to enjoy the free trial.


Alternatively, you can do the followings to start on the 7-Day FREE TRIAL:

1. Click Buy Now from the webpage PDF Reader Pro for Windows;

2. Scroll down the Microsoft page, select 7-Day Free Trial under the Buy to own button;

3. Follow the download instructions given by Microsoft and try the app from now.


Notice: If you cannot upgrade PDF Reader Pro, please check whether there is a different version on your device. If yes, you should uninstall the app first and then install it again from the official website. After that, you can start a free trial by following the steps above. 


When Does the Trial Period Begin Officially?

The free trial period starts from the first day you subscribe to the app and will continue for 7 consecutive days. Quarterly payment of $14.99 will be charged on the 8th day unless you cancel the subscription before the end of the trial period. If you cancel, you can still do the basic reading tasks through PDF Reader Pro. However, you need to purchase the app if you want to access the complete features.

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