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How to Edit Text in a PDF?

The biggest advantage of PDF files is that the format keeps the same no matter who views it. However, you will find it difficult to change the content of PDF files. Fortunately, PDF Reader Pro can help you solve this problem. Click video to learn how to edit PDF in PDF Reader Pro or follow the steps below.

1. Open a file with PDF Reader Pro;

2. Choose Tools on the toolbar ->select Edit PDF toolbar_Edit ;

3. Click the text box you want to edit;

4. Edit the text by doing one of the following;

  1) Type new text to replace the selected text or press Delete to remove it.

  2) Drag the selection handle to resize the text box.

15_1_Edit Text

  3) Change the size and color of the text from the properties panel on the right.

15_2_Edit PDF

5. Click outside the selection to finish your work.


PDF Reader Pro is a powerful PDF editor, which is proper for both text and page edit. Click download to try PDF Reader Pro for free now! Click PDF Reader Pro to know more advanced features!

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