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How to Edit PDF Pages on Windows version



PDF Reader Pro for Windows lets you edit PDF pages through Renumber, ReplaceInsert, Extract, Split, Rotate, Copy and Delete tools.




1) Renumber PDF Page

You can reorganize the document pages if their page number does not match the numbers that appear in the Thumbnail or the Page Navigation toolbar.

1. Enter reading page -> Page Edit 1619515280421032.png;

2. In the page editor mode, choose the page you want to reorganize and drag it to where you want it to be;

3. You can select any two pages and tap Reverse ic_subtoolbar_page_reverse.png, then the page order can be changed.


2) Replace PDF Page

You can replace an existing page with a new page from another folder.

1. Enter reading page -> Page Edit1619515280421032.png

2. Select a page, tap Replaceimage to replace the existing page with a new one from another folder; 

3.You can choose whatever page in your folder.


3) Insert PDF Page

You can insert a brand new page into the current PDF document.

1. Enter reading page -> Page Edit 1619515348220909.png;

2. Select a page, tap Insert 1619515372925434.png to add Blank Page / Custom Page/ From PDF after the selected page; 

3. Select Custom Pages, here you can choose Blank / Ruled / Music / Squared pages to insert.

10  编辑 PDF 页面


4) Extract PDF Page

You can extract page(s) from a PDF document with keeping the original page contents and all relevant form fields and annotations on the page(s).

1. Enter reading page -> Page Edit 1619515393621545.png;

2. Tap Extract 1619515412633206.png -> Extract Page to extract the specified page into a single or multiple PDF documents; or tap Extract Image to extract the specified image.

3. You can specify the page ranges to extract by choosing All Pages / Odd Pages Only / Even Pages Only / Pages from, or enter the specific page number in the Pages from the box;

10  编辑 PDF 页面-2

4. You can tick Each page in a separate file to create a separate PDF for each extracted page. Otherwise, the files will be all saved in one file.


5) Split PDF Page

You can split a PDF document into multiple PDFs with the Split tool.

1. Enter reading page -> Page Edit 1619515428923592.png;

2. Tap Split 1619515447209845.png, you can freely split the PDF file;

3. In the Split pop-up window, you can choose one from the criteria below to divide your document:

10  编辑 PDF 页面-3


    1) Split by every *Number (1 or more) pages: You can specify the maximum number of pages for each PDF in the split;

    2) Split averagely to *Number (1 or more) PDF files: You can specify the maximum number of PDF files that divide all the pages equally;

    3) Split by page range: You can specify to split Odd Pages Only, Even Pages Only, or Custom Range from your PDF document;



4. You can rename the new PDF document(s) in the File Naming box and click Split to finish this task.


6) Rotate PDF Page

You can rotate all or selected pages in a PDF document based on 90° increments at a time. Follow the descriptions below to use the Rotate tool:

1. Enter reading page -> Page Edit 1619515466284145.png;

2. Press Ctrl + A to select all pages or click specific pages that need to be rotated;

3. Click Rotate 1619515484796634.png after specifying the page range, then the page will only rotate 90 degrees clockwise;

4. Alternatively, you can right-click the specific page(s), and choose Rotate Clockwise or Rotate Counterclockwise to apply the page rotation.

10  编辑 PDF 页面-4


7) Copy and Paste PDF Page

You can copy any page and paste it in your files

1. Enter reading page -> Page Edit1619515280421032.png;

2. Tap copyimage;

3. Then keep tapping Pasteimage and you can get two identical pages.


8) Delete PDF Page

1. Enter reading page -> Page Edit 1619515502969781.png;

2. Select a page and tap Delete 1619515517219722.png, you can hold the Shift key and select more pages to delete;

3. Or you can right-click the specific page(s), and choose Delete;

4. Click Yes in the pop-up menu to confirm and delete the selected page(s).


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