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How to Use OCR on Windows?

How to Use OCR——How to OCR scanned PDF documents?

With OCR, PDF Reader Pro works as a text converter, exporting scanned PDF documents or images as text files or PDF files for editing, copying, and so on. Click OCR a PDF to get a video guide or follow the steps below.

1. Launch the PDF Reader Pro, click OCRocr icon on the home page, and select the document you want to recognize.

2. Or open the scanned PDF document, you can click OCRocr icon on the toolbar.

3. In the OCR Settings dialog box, choose the Page Range and OCR Language you want to apply OCR to the PDF.

4. Then click OCR, you can preview the results in the left preview box. Click–>Delete or Copy, the OCR Results can be deleted or copied.

5. Click–>Save as TXT or Save as PDF for export, it will be saved to the target folder.




How to edit scanned documents?

If you click save as PDF or TXT, you can perform the following steps to select an export document for editing.

1、Launch the PDF Reader Pro, and click Open File file icon on the home page.

2、Or enter the reading page, and hit the plusplus iconon the top to open the scanned document.

3、Click the function you want to use in the toolbar to edit the document.

4、After finished editing, click File –>Save as to save a new-named document.


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