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Tue. 20 Aug. 201927053min

The summer is nearly over. It’s time to say goodby to your vacation and say hello to your new semester. Whether you would like to welcome the back-to-school season, there are a cluster of work need to be prepared, inevitably. Well, among these work, you will never bypass the useful learning tools consumption. And Back to School blues may possibly come from the stress of purchasing learning assistant. So, how to choose an appropriate learning helper and be a smart buyer at the same time?


School education has been experiencing a huge reform from chalk-and-talk classroom to digital one. The era, in which teachers stood at the front of a classroom and gave a lecture, and students listened to their teachers and noted down the points, was far away from us. Nowadays, the classroom is digital. Teachers prepare for the class, search materials from the internet, give presentations, assign homework, make an assessment and more with the help of computers and many apps. Students use their digital devices like phone, ipad and computer to boost their efficiency and productivity in study. Then no matter whether you are professors or students, PDF Reader Pro may be your learning app of choice. 





PDF Reader Pro not only allows you to quickly and smoothly view your reference materials with day mode in a bright environment and night mode in a dim environment. Besides, the powerful tool empowers you to take notes and mark up text with classical annotation tools like Highlight, Underline, Strikeout and Freehand as you read or during lectures helping you remember and understand things on a much deeper level. When it comes to annotation tools, you can not miss Text Box and Sticky Note to write down your thoughts, favorite quotes and more. Very helpful in your classroom. While when you read piles of PDF materials, you can extract some desired pages by dragging and dropping and create a new PDF file. OCR to recognize texts in PDF files or images and export as editable formats. Convert PDF to Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT and more, and vice versa. PDF Reader Pro will never let you down! With the all-in-one PDF powerhouse, ignite your productivity and get “A” level in your new year and stand out. 




There is an exciting news that PDF Reader Pro gives 50% Off for your favorite PDF reader and editor for your Mac to celebrate Back to School. If you want to have a try before making a decision, you can free download PDF Reader Pro and have a free trial


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