How to Add Links to PDF?

Thu. 20 Apr. 20233243 Mins

PDF is a reliable format for sharing information. PDFs can easily contain many pages and rich content. To make readers easily understand the content, you should make sure to include links. Adding links to PDF documents can provide an invaluable benefit to your readers, and will make your documents more accessible.


In this article, we'll explain how to link PDFs with PDF Reader Pro, an all-in-one PDF solution that can ensure your PDF links are safe and easy to use. Linking to PDF documents with PDF Reader Pro is very simple, and gives your readers a seamless reading experience. So before we get started, make sure you have downloaded PDF Reader Pro on your device. If you haven’t, click here to Download PDF Reader Pro right now.

  1. How to Add Links to PDF on Windows
  2. How to Add Links to PDF on Mac
  3. Grow Your Business with Simple Steps
  4. Conclusion


How to Add Links to PDF on Windows

Adding links to your PDF is relatively easy to do on Windows. But it can only be as easy as it sounds if you are equipped with an advanced PDF tool. PDF Reader Pro is an exquisite tool to help you carry out any PDF-related task easily, including adding links to your PDF. Firstly, check out how to add links on Windows:

  • DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro;
  • Open your PDF with the software;
  • Click Tools on the toolbar -> Tap Hyperlink(icon);
  • Drag a range for the link on any part of the page, the area is where the link is active;
  • Choose destinations for the link, PDF Reader Pro provides three different destinations:

a. Page: Add a page number for the link and you will be navigated to that page.

b. URL: Enter a link to the destination web page.

c. Email: Insert an email address to send an email instantly.



  • Once you’re done, exit the edit link mode and your link is ready to use;
  • You can make the link area visible or invisible by clicking Page Display -> right-click anywhere in the PDF and tick Highlight Links.



How to Add Links to PDF on Mac

Apart from being on Windows, PDF Reader Pro is also available on Mac. Adding links with PDF Reader Pro on Mac is just as easy as it is on Windows. Adding links to your PDF can make it easier for your business clients or investors to get more interactive information about your product or company. Rather than just bombarding them with documents that are too long, adding links could be a way to introduce your product and company. Check out how to add links to PDFs on Mac.

  • Download PDF Reader Pro;
  • Click Tools -> Hyperlink icon -> select text where you want the link to be activated;
  • Or select text -> right-click -> Annotate/Tool Mode -> Link;
  • Or click Annotate on the main menu -> Link;
  • Choose where the selected text will be linked to:

a. Link to Page: Enter the page number you want to jump to.

b. Link to Web: Add the URL address of the web page.

c. Link to Email: Insert the email address and you can send an email easily with the link.



  • Click Go and you’re done!
  • To make the link visible or invisible, click PDF on the main menu -> tick Highlight Links.



Grow Your Business with Simple Steps

Growing your business doesn't have to cost a lot to make your product known to people. In this article, we've learned how to add links to your PDFs, which can be seen as a simple but powerful step to grow your business. Check out some of these benefits and why you should add links to your PDFs.

  • Adding links to your PDF documents can make your documents more concise and clear. Instead of attaching all the information to one PDF, you can add your product or company website link to the document so that clients or investors get more varied information.
  • Including a link can also increase traffic to your company website, social network, or e-commerce. Indirectly, your products and business will be more accessible to clients and the general public.
  • They say that "simplicity is beautiful." By adding links to your PDF, you keep your PDF simple and elegant. Linking it to other content will keep your documents more interactive in order to leave a good impression on your clients.


Final Thoughts

Adding links to your PDF is an easy and smart way to make your PDF simple and rich in information. In this article, we have explained easy steps to add links to your PDF in Windows and Mac with PDF Reader Pro. PDF Reader Pro is a one-stop solution for any PDF-related tasks. It has a wide variety of powerful features to make your work easier. Download and try PDF Reader Pro now!

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