3 Easy Methods of PDF Compression to Slim Document

Wed. 01 Mar. 20232993 Mins

As PDF format has a high degree of compatibility, and open in different devices will not appear in the case of typographical errors. It can be said the most often used is the preservation format.


Although PDF format in many file formats, the memory required is relatively small, but there are always times when PDF files will be too large because of the content, taking up too much memory, which leads to the computer lagging when opening the large file.


Here to share a few simple PDF compression methods to help you easily handle PDF compression. First of all, you can use a professional file compressor, which usually does not have other features that specialize in compressing files. Most file compressors support a variety of file formats to compress, even if it is a rare file format, professional compression is certainly supported. But unfortunately, it only has the compression function, and will only be used when the need for compression, a single function leads to the inevitable will not be used frequently, perhaps over time you will forget that you have such a professional compressor. So maybe PDF Editor will be a better choice for you.


PDF Editor with a compression function

PDF Editor now always has a variety of features, such as PDF Reader Pro, in addition to compression features, from reading, annotation and other basic functions, to conversion format, OCR, redaction and other advanced tools are available. 


Among them, the compression function also has a variety of customization options, such as independent choice of size, to a larger file to a shrinking exercise. There are "low, standard, high, custom" four compression options, if low, standard, high can not meet your needs, you can also customize the ratio of file compression here.



At the same time, if you have a large number of documents to deal with, PDF Reader Pro supports hundreds of files at the same time compression or conversion, batch processing to help you do the most in the least amount of time, the all-in-one PDF editor worth having.


Computer's own compression function

We often see a number of suffixes for the "zip" file, which is the computer comes with the function of compression of the file after processing. Steps are very simple, we create a new folder on the desktop, then put the PDF documents need compressing into an empty folder, and right-click on the folder;



Click "Compress ", and then wait for the file to be automatically compressed as a zip file.


This method is recommended for a variety of file formats need to be compressed at the same time.


Online Compression

The biggest advantage is that there is no need to download and install software, you can use online PDF compression by a browser from anywhere. However, online compression requires a file upload operation, there may be several problems: first, a large number of documents uploaded and processed time can not be grasped; second, the safety of such uploaded files can not be guaranteed.


If you only need a small number of files compressed while time is short, and no computer equipment around, you can try ilovePDF, smallPDF, adobe to compress files and other online compression tools that can help you solve the tricky problem.



Well, the above is to share with you today's PDF compression methods. You can choose between three compression ways based on whether you want to balance output quality with file size. By simply clicking one button in PDF Reader Pro, you can minimize PDF size or choose the one that best suits your needs. Start with your first trial!


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