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The Expert’s Guide to Document Management with PDF Reader Pro

Master document management with tips on software selection, ensuring secure, efficient handling of digital files from one central platform.
The Expert’s Guide to Document Management with PDF Reader Pro

Managing your documents efficiently isn't just about saving time; it's a crucial part of our daily routine. 

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Let's explore how PDF Reader Pro, among several other leading tools, can be your ultimate ally in tackling document management like a pro.

How to Convert Documents

Here, we will show you how to convert PDFs to various formats for Windows and Mac. 

Step 1: Open PDF Reader Pro and look at the Home page

Find the required format to convert your PDF under the "Quick Tools" section.

Step 2: Choose which format you require from this list:


How to Convert Documents for Mac

Step 1: Select "Convert PDF" on the Home page


Step 2: Choose your convert format from the "Convert" menu


Step 3: Click "Convert"

How to Create PDFs

Have you ever created a PDF from scratch? PDF Reader Pro makes it easy to do so with a few clicks.

Select one of the following options:

  • New Blank Page: Create a blank canvas PDF to insert text, images, and any other required elements. 
  • New From Image: Create a PDF from image files like JPEG or PNG.
  • New From File: Transform Microsoft Word files into PDFs.
  • Import From Scanner: Scan a physical document and transform it into a digital PDF for editing and safekeeping needs. 

Check out our comprehensive guide for converting PDFs.

"Using PDF Reader Pro has made my daily workday so much easier. I can do everything I need, like combining files or adding notes, all in one place. It speeded my document management and every task I work on."
Johan Müller
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How to Add Digital Signatures to Documents

Digital signatures are essential for legal and secure document management. We are excited to introduce one of our newest features, our industry-standard Digital Signature tool.

The Digital Signature Process

You can begin the Digital Signature process by selecting the "Sign" tool:

  1. Click "Create Signature Field" and add one to the section where you need to sign. 
  2. Click "Add Digital Signature" and complete the Digital Signature creation process.
  3. Add your new Digital Signature to your newly created field. 

Check out our full guide on how to sign PDFs

"PDF Reader Pro simplifies complex editing tasks, making it the preferred choice for anyone seeking a powerful yet user-friendly PDF management solution."
Naaziyah Ismail
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How to Redact Text in a Document

Redacting information is standard practice for legal professionals, but you might also want to conceal information in your personal documents. 

Find out how to redact text in a document below. 

How to Redact Any Text

Here is how to redact text in two simple steps:

  1. Select the "Redact" tool.
  2. Highlight the text you would like to redact.

Check out our full guide on how to redact a PDF

How to OCR a Document

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology lets you turn physical documents into high-quality PDFs. Find out how to digitize your paper documents with PDF Reader Pro.

How to OCR a Physical Document

Follow these steps after scanning your physical document:

  1. Open PDF Reader Pro and select the "OCR" tool under "Quick Tools"
  2. Select your physical document's scan. 
  3. Choose your "Page Range", "Layout Settings", and "Select OCR Language"
  4. Click "OCR" and then "Save as PDF"

Check out our full guide on how to OCR a PDF.

How to Enable Text-to-Speech in a Document

You will also need to consider accessibility for your documents. Text-to-speech (TTS) technology enables lifelike text reading for any document, regardless of its density. 

How to Enable Text-to-Speech

Find out how to activate TTS technology in a PDF below:

  1. Click the TTS tool in the bottom-right corner. 
  2. Select your "Language" and read "Speed".
  3. Click the play button.

Check out our full guide on how to enable text-to-speech.

"Unlock the full potential of your PDFs with PDF Reader Pro, where features meet functionality to cater to both professionals and casual users alike."
Megon Venter
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As a content writer, PDF Reader Pro's features have significantly enhanced my document workflow. The ability to convert files, use digital signatures, and redact sensitive information enhances security and efficiency.

OCR technology is invaluable for transforming scanned documents into editable text, aiding my research immensely. Moreover, the text-to-speech feature offers an effective way to audit my work audibly, improving the proofreading process.

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These tools have greatly improved the management and quality of my documents. We also go over how to manage an EDMS.

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