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Top 5 Free PDF Scanner Apps

In this blog, we'll explore the top five free scanner apps, delving into their range of features that make document scanning a breeze for business users.
Top 5 Free PDF Scanner Apps

Gone are the days of relying solely on physical copies; now, we have powerful scanner apps that can digitize our paperwork and share files across devices with ease. Modern users require intuitive features for scanning documents on both desktop and mobile. 

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See our overview of apps to scan documents and compare each feature list to decide which user interface you'd like to use to edit PDF files of your own. 


Feature PDF Reader Pro PDF Scanner Genius Scan Scanner Pro CamScanner
Platform Multi-platform iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS iOS, Android
Basic Features Reading, Annotation Scanning, OCR Scanning, Editing Scanning, Editing Scanning, Editing
Accessibility Feature Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional PDF-Markup Features Yes No No No No
Advanced Scanning Feature Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Enhancing Features Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Autodetect Feature Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extensive File Versioning System Yes No No No No
Single PDF File Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smart File Naming Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Tools Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Editing Tools Yes No Yes Yes Yes
AI-Powered Tools Yes Yes Yes No No
Basic Editing Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Modes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multipage Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
App's Batch-Scanning Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Batch Mode Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Book-Scanning Mode No No No No No
Cloud Services Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Document Cloud Yes Yes No No No
Paper Documents Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Document Scanning App Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Original Document Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Photos Of Documents Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scan Documents Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scanning Documents Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Limited Features No No No No No
Advanced Editing Feature Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Edge Detection Feature Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Feature List Extensive Limited Extensive Extensive Extensive
Helpful Feature Smart OCR, File Management Auto-Capture, OCR Batch Scanning, OCR Advanced Editing, OCR Cloud Sync, OCR
Intuitive Features Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Key Features OCR, Annotation, Cloud Sync OCR, Cloud Storage OCR, Batch Scanning OCR, Advanced Editing OCR, Cloud Sync
Range Of Features Comprehensive Limited Comprehensive Comprehensive Comprehensive


1. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro goes beyond a basic scanning app, offering a suite of tools for PDF management. In addition to high-quality scanning, it provides advanced features such as annotation, file organization, and extensive cloud storage options, making it suitable for users with diverse PDF-related needs.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


Key Features:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Transform scanned documents into editable and searchable files.
  • Document Cloud Integration: Store and access files seamlessly through cloud services.
  • Mobile Editing Options: Annotate and edit documents directly from your mobile device.
  • PDF Format Emphasis: Prioritize the creation and editing of PDF files.


"Navigating through mountains of documents becomes a breeze with PDF Reader Pro. It's the unsung hero of digital organization."
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Usage Tips:
PDF Reader Pro stands out for its robust OCR capabilities, cloud integration, and emphasis on PDF formats. It's an excellent choice for users seeking powerful editing options coupled with PDF-centric features.

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How to Download PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Prois a robust and versatile application designed to meet your PDF file format needs with built-in features for viewing, editing, and merging. With a user-friendly interface and a range of powerful additional features, it stands out as a comprehensive solution for handling editable documents.


The simplest method to get PDF Reader Pro's key features is to click the download button below:

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2. PDF Scanner

PDF Scanner is an advanced mobile scanning app that offers a range of features, including optical character recognition (OCR) for converting scanned documents into editable text. With additional tools for file editing and cloud storage integration, it provides a comprehensive solution for digitizing documents on the go.

Image Source: PDF Scanner


Key Features:

  • PDF Creation: Effortlessly convert scanned documents into PDF files.
  • Editing Features: Annotate, highlight, and add comments to your scanned documents.
  • Mobile Scanning App: Capture high-quality scans using your mobile device.
  • Cloud Services: Connect with cloud storage services for efficient document management.


Usage Tips: PDF Scanner is a versatile app that focuses on creating high-quality PDFs with advanced editing features. Ideal for users who prioritize PDF formats and robust editing options.


3. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro is a feature-rich dedicated scanner app designed to turn your mobile device into a portable document scanner. With advanced editing options, batch-scanning mode, and seamless integration with cloud services, it caters to users looking for a professional and efficient scanning experience.

Image Source: Scanner Pro


Key Features:

  • Automatic Edge Detection: Intelligently captures the document boundaries for precise scans.
  • Document Cloud Integration: Save and access your scans seamlessly with cloud services.
  • Quality Scans: Ensure high-resolution scans for clear and readable documents.
  • Batch-Scanning Mode: Scan multiple documents in one go for increased efficiency.


Usage Tips: Scanner Pro excels in providing users with a user-friendly interface and automatic edge detection, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize ease of use and high-quality scans.

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4. Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a user-friendly mobile scanning app that stands out for its smart page detection and high-quality scans. It offers essential tools for editing and organizing documents, making it a reliable choice for users seeking a straightforward yet effective scanning solution.

Image Source: Genius Scan


Key Features:

  • Smart Page Detection: Automatically recognizes document borders for accurate scans.
  • Annotation Tools: Add notes, signatures, and annotations to your scanned documents.
  • Cloud Storage Option: Connect with popular cloud services for easy file sharing.
  • Quality Scans: Ensure sharp and clear digital copies of your documents.

Usage Tips:
Genius Scan is a reliable app known for its smart page detection and quality scans. Ideal for users who value accuracy and clarity in their digitized documents.


5. CamScanner

CamScanner is a popular mobile scanning app that turns your smartphone into a portable scanner. With features like auto-capture functionality and a wide range of editing tools, it simplifies the process of digitizing documents. CamScanner also offers optional premium subscriptions for users seeking additional features and functionalities.

Image Source: CamScanner


Key Features:

  • Batch Scanning: Scan multiple pages and merge them into a single document.
  • Custom Folders: Organize your scans into custom folders for efficient file management.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily share and collaborate on scanned documents with others.
  • OCR Functionality: Extract text from images for searchable and editable documents.


Usage Tips: CamScanner stands out with its batch scanning and custom folder organization features, making it a great choice for users who handle large volumes of documents regularly.

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"PDF Reader Pro is an amazing tool for individuals and for business. It's annotation and editing help me with my daily tasks and allows for collaboration amongst my team and I."
Naaziyah Ismail
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FAQs About PDF Scanner Apps

Have further questions about document scanner apps? Whether you're interested in scanning in physical documents or editing digital files, we have answers to your questions.


What are the basic features that I can expect from a PDF scanner app?

PDF scanner apps typically offer basic features such as document scanning, PDF creation, and the ability to save and organize scanned files. These apps often come equipped with user-friendly interfaces to ensure a seamless scanning experience.


How does the accessibility feature enhance the usability of a PDF scanner app?

The accessibility feature in PDF scanner apps is designed to make the app more user-friendly for individuals with diverse needs. It may include features like voice guidance, text-to-speech, or other functionalities that improve the overall accessibility of the app.


Are there any additional PDF-markup features available in these apps?

Yes, many PDF scanner apps offer additional PDF-markup features. These features allow users to annotate, highlight, and add comments to scanned documents, enhancing the overall usability and collaboration capabilities of the app.


What does an advanced scanning feature entail in a PDF scanner app?

An advanced scanning feature in a PDF scanner app goes beyond basic scanning capabilities. It may include features such as automatic edge detection, smart file naming, and enhanced image processing to ensure high-quality scans with minimal user intervention.


What attractive-sounding features should I look for in a PDF scanner app?

Attractive-sounding features may include auto-enhancing capabilities, autodetect functionality, and smart file naming. These features contribute to an enhanced scanning experience and help improve the overall quality of scanned documents.


How does a PDF scanner app's extensive file versioning system benefit users?

An extensive file versioning system in a PDF scanner app allows users to track changes made to scanned documents over time. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining a history of document revisions and ensuring data integrity.


What is smart file naming, and how does it contribute to efficient document organization? 

Smart file naming is a feature that automatically suggests or generates filenames based on document content or other criteria. This contributes to efficient document organization by eliminating the need for manual file naming, saving users time and effort.


Can I expect advanced tools and editing functionalities in a PDF scanner app?

Yes, many PDF scanner apps come equipped with advanced tools and editing functionalities. These may include AI-powered tools, basic and advanced editing tools, as well as dedicated modes for specific scanning scenarios, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive scanning experience.


What is a cloud storage app, and how does it integrate with PDF scanner apps?

A cloud storage app allows users to store and access files online. PDF scanner apps often integrate with cloud storage services, providing users with the convenience of accessing their scanned documents from multiple devices and sharing them seamlessly with others.


Are there any limitations to free versions of PDF scanner apps in terms of scan quality and editing tools?

While free versions of PDF scanner apps offer essential features, they may have limitations on scan quality, editing tools, and storage capacity. Premium users often enjoy above-average scan quality, additional editing options, and enhanced features for a more robust scanning experience.


With the abundance of free scanner apps available, digitizing and managing your documents has never been more accessible. Whether you prioritize OCR capabilities, PDF creation, or batch scanning, these top five free scanner apps offer a range of advanced features to cater to your document scanning needs. Choose the one that aligns with your preferences and enjoy the convenience of a digital document workflow.Gone are the days of relying solely on physical copies; now, we have powerful scanner apps that can digitize our paperwork and share files across devices with ease. Modern users require intuitive features for scanning documents on both desktop and mobile. 

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