How to Fill and Sign PDF Forms on Mac?

Wed. 05 Aug. 202041308 min

With the increasing demands for remote working and studying, productivity and interactivity among people increase, making tools hot. In some work, you have to fill some work process, invoice, contracts, and sign your name. Now, you may need a form filler and signer tool.

PDF Reader Pro is one of the best tools to complete your work on Mac. With the help of this all-in-one PDF editor, you can fill an interactive or a non-interactive PDF form with ease. After this, you can place your signature wherever you need on a PDF file. There are some steps to show you how to fill and sign a PDF form on Mac with PDF Reader Pro.

Fill Out Interactive PDF Forms

To fill out interactive PDF forms, first you need to find out where the interactive forms are. PDF Reader Pro will automatically detect all fillable fields and checkboxes, and highlight the forms if you click the “Highlight Form Fieldsbutton. If the "Highlight Form Field" button is open, the interactive form will have a background color (light blue by default). Otherwise, the form is non-interactive.

Then, you just need to click the interactive forms fields and type your response. In this way, you can easily fill out the interactive form.

Fill Out Interactive PDF Forms

Fill Out Non-interactive PDF Forms

A non-interactive form does not have interactive fields. However, you can use tools in the “Fill & Sign” to add text and other symbols anywhere on the form to type your response. To fill out non-interactive forms, you will need to click the “Fill & Sign” button and there are many mark tools to help you fill this form, they are “Add text”, “Add X”, “Add check mark”, Add circle”, “Add line”, Add dot”, “Date”, “My Profile” and “Sign Document”.

Or place your cursor wherever you want to add a signature, right-click and select the signature option in "Comment", you can conveniently present your signature in the document. More than that, you can also trigger your signature function in the main menu comment.

Clicking "My Profile" can quickly type your name, your address, your email, your birthday or your telephone in the documents. Not only that, you can edit any field you want to present in the document and store it in “My Profile”.  

Fill Out Non-Interactive PDF Forms

Click "Signature" to quickly fill in your signature, which needs you to enter the fields in advance and store in "Signature". You can enter your signature in three ways, the first is keyboard input, the second is touchpad input, and the last one is picture import.The first two ways can adjust the font type and color of your input field, giving you more choices.

Signature in PDF Reader Pro

Note: You can save multiple signatures at the same time to meet different working situations.

PDF Reader Pro is committed to let users fill out all types of forms conveniently and meet all the work needs of users.

Save Forms and Documents

When you have completed the form, you can choose to save the original file or when this file is more important, you can choose to convert to a flatten copy. In the flatten copy, all interactive forms cannot be modified again, and the content you filled in before will be saved.

save forms and documents with PDF Reader Pro

Now that you know how to sign PDF forms, as well as fill all the types of forms by using PDF Reader Pro, come to join PDF Reader Pro which offers free trial!

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