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How to Open an EPUB File

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to open an EPUB file effortlessly and listen to PDFs using our dedicated reader.
How to Open an EPUB File

EPUB has become a popular format for eBooks due to its flexibility and compatibility with various devices.

Whether you're an avid reader, a student, or someone who has received an EPUB document, understanding how to open and access this file format is essential.

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What is an EPUB File?

An EPUB (Electronic Publication) file is a digital eBook format for easy and flexible content distribution. It is a popular file format for electronic publications, offering a responsive layout that adapts to different screen sizes and orientations.

Learn everything you need to know about EPUB files in our detailed explanation.

How to Open an EPUB File

Use one of these four methods to open ebook file types using the following file-opening tools.


Method 1: Using Dedicated eReader Apps

Open your EPUB book using one of the apps below and get reading on a range of devices. 


1. Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe's dedicated eBook reader, Digital Editions, is a widely used application that supports ePub.

Adobe Digital Editions website

Image Source: Adobe Digital Editions

Step 1: Download and install the software.

Step 2: Simply open your ePub file using Adobe Digital Editions.


2. Calibre

A feature-rich eBook management tool that also serves as an excellent EPUB reader.

Calibre website showing features and tools

Image Source: Calibre

Step 1: Import your ePub file into Calibre.

Step 2: Read, organize, and convert eBooks effortlessly.

Learn how to convert EPUB files to PDF format with our straightforward guide, ensuring compatibility across all devices.

3. FBReader

FBReader is a free, cross-platform eBook reader that supports various formats, including ePub.

FBReader for Android website

Image Source: FBReader

Step 1: Install the app on your device.

Step 2: Open it and import your ePub file to start reading.

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Method 2: Converting ePub to PDF

If you prefer reading in PDF format, there are online converters available. Upload your EPUB to a converter tool, and it will provide you with a downloadable PDF version.


Step 1: Locate an online converting tool that can convert EPUB files to PDF

Step 2: Click on the "Choose eBook File" button

Locate the EPUB file you would like to convert to PDF.

Image source: PDF Converter

Step 3: Wait for your file to finish converting

Image source: PDF Converter

Step 4: Click on the download icon and acquire your new PDF file

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How to Listen to Your Ebook PDF on Windows

Once you've converted your EPUB file types to PDF, you can listen to them on your Windows operating system on PDF Reader Pro.

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Step 1: Open Your PDF File

Click "Open File" or choose File to drag your document into the drop zone.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


Step 2: Open the Reading Page

Click the TTS tool on the left sidebar to generate the pop-up window.

Step 3: Select Options on the Speech Reader

Adjust the reading speed, default voice, and continuous play.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro 

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Explore the differences between PDF and EPUB formats in our comprehensive guide.

How to Listen to Your Ebook PDF on Mac

After converting your EPUB to PDF using an e-book management tool, listen to it in our reader on your Mac operating system.

Step 1: Open Your PDF File

Drop files into the reader or click "Open File".

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro

Step 2: Highlight Text to Play

Right-click on this text and select the TTS tool.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro

Step 3: Play Using the PDF Audio Reader

Choose from a variety of voice options to find your ideal reading voice, adjust reading speed and more.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro

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