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When you were standing in a long line with two hands full, waiting to pay. Then you fumbled for your wallet and pulled out a pile of change. Accidentally the left shoulder bag slipped on the ground, hurried to pay, and quickly bent down to pick up the spilled things. By the time you got your things ready to go out again, you were already sweating. Such frantic scenes are rarely seen today.

The payment process is no longer so time-consuming and complicated. You pull out your phone, open the QR code and pay in just two seconds. The emergence of smartphones has changed our way of life in many ways. Of course, it also makes us lose patience to some extent. We are used to instant service. In particular, students, teenagers make up a large proportion of smartphone users, eager to receive and respond to a large amount of information in a short time. That is why automated workflows are becoming increasingly popular within schools. In addition, Automated workflows free teachers from a lot of meaningless repetitive work and free them to spend more time on teaching.

What is a workflow? When you open Wikipedia, does the definition of workflow in that paragraph also confuse you? In short, A Workflow is A series of predefined tasks that take A job from initiation to completion. Save time and resources.


Benefits of Workflows in Education

Attract students

As noted above, students are customers of the higher education system just like consumers in any other field -- they value convenience. Smartphones can be used to shop online, hail a car or even see a doctor. However, many school administrators still use paper forms and payment checks, which can be very troublesome for students.


Engage teachers and support staff

Maintaining a seemingly endless student profile can be an exhausting and tedious process. If teachers do these jobs for a long time, the effective time spent on teaching is greatly reduced. In logistics management, a report shows that staff spend 30% of their time on paperwork. Workflow will improve employee happiness.


Save management costs

The quality of education depends on the finance/investment of the school of Management. Maintaining a stable ROI is a challenge for educational institutions due to changing staff costs, academic resource costs, and dynamic government regulations and policies.


Reduce the space for human error

Dealing with boring and tedious work for a long time, everyone will make mistakes. Unlike humans, however, software is not distracted from the task at hand and is hard to make mistakes. It won't accidentally miss a column of data, and it's unlikely to omit key information. Professional information processing is also the embodiment of the school's professionalism and authority.


Ways to Incorporate PDF into Your Workflows

Fill out forms

During the enrollment and admission stages, there are a lot of forms to fill out, and you can save a lot of time by using PDF Reader Pro's forms feature.

Approval of leave applications

When students need to ask for leave, they don't need to go to the office for approval. They can use the signature function of PDF Reader Pro to complete the remote leave, which improves the approval efficiency.

Assess scholarship applicants

Each scholarship applicant will carefully prepare their application file, which contains a large number of internship experience, awards record pictures, using PDF Reader Pro OCR function, one click to extract the text of the document, in a short time to obtain the most valuable information.

PDF in education

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