PDF Reader Pro Now Available with Redaction Tool to Hide Sensitive Content

Thu. 20 Jan. 202221403

PDF Reader Pro, a global software brand with a mission to empower modern professionals to better leverage their productivity, today released a new Version 2.8.8 PDF editor for Mac, which mainly added a redaction tool to help hide sensitive or private information.

Features of Redaction Tool in Version 2.8.8

For some reasons, people always want to publish a document but don’t want to or cannot disclose certain parts, including but not limited to  surname, sum of money, ID, or any kind of private and sensitive content.

The redaction tool rolled out in this new PDF Reader Pro version is exactly a solution for those cases, because it has the ability to make those redacted parts appear as colored boxes instead of the original information. 

Specifically, the new redaction tool in PDF Reader Pro has following features:

  • Redact text easily: allow you to permanently hide private or sensitive information in a PDF document in just three steps — open-click-outline. 

  • Add overlay text:A unique property designed to handle those instances where you need to specify what type of content was removed, or why the content was removed.

  • Customize appearance: set outline color, fill color, opacity and text alignment of redacted area based on your preference and need.

  • User-friendly reminder: remind you to confirm the application with pop-up button because the redaction processes are permanent and can't remove or undo after they have been applied. 

"This new feature will be crucial for users in industries with strict compliance regulations or security requirements. Groups such as doctors, lawyers, financial staff, senior management etc,  always need to hide certain parts of a document," says Senior Product Manager of PDF Reader Pro for Mac.

Acting as Compliance Assistant to Escort for Your Work

As a tool to selectively and reliably remove information, redaction is a fairly common practice in all walks of life. 

For example, American law requires court filings to redact Social Security numbers, financial account numbers, names of minors, dates of birth, and home addresses. Besides, medical providers and administrators are required to properly redact patient data.

The redaction tool is a security assistant to some extent. Just as the Manager of PDF Reader Pro said when commented on function of the newly Editor, “we believe this advanced tool can not only make a big difference to workflow, but ensure compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Protection Regulation Act (GDPR), and other privacy laws. That’s what counts most.” 

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