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How to Convert PDF to Google Sheets

Transform PDFs into editable spreadsheets quickly and accurately without losing any data.
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Converting PDF documents to Google Sheets is necessary for data analysis and organization, allowing users to easily transfer information from static PDF files into editable, dynamic spreadsheets.

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How to Convert a PDF to Google Sheets

Step 1

In PDF Reader Pro, the "QuickTools" menu allows you to click on "PDF To Excel" for a quick conversation.

Step 2

Select the PDF file you want to convert and click on "Convert".

As you can see the conversation feature in PDF Reader Pro is quick and simple, that's why I use PDF Reader Pro for all my PDF-related needs! 

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I prefer using the editing and annotation features in PDF Reader Pro over its competitors due to its intuitive interface and comprehensive set of tools, which significantly boosted my document workflow.

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Troubleshooting Errors converting PDF to Google Sheets

When converting PDF documents to Google Sheets, you may encounter several errors or issues due to the complex nature of this process. Here are common troubleshooting steps to resolve these errors effectively:

1. Formatting Issues

  • Problem: The data from the PDF may not retain its original format when converted to Google Sheets.
  • Solution: Use data cleaning features in Google Sheets, such as "Split text to columns" or "Find and replace," to correct formatting. Make sure the format in your PDF can be used in Google Sheets.


2. Missing or Incomplete Data

  • Problem: Some data from the PDF might not appear in the converted Google Sheets document.
  • Solution: Ensure that the PDF is high-quality and the text is selectable. If the PDF is scanned, use an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool before conversion to ensure all text is recognized and converted.


3. Large Files and Slow Processing

  • Problem: Converting large PDF files can be slow and may sometimes fail.
  • Solution: Break down large PDFs into smaller segments before conversion. This not only speeds up the process but also makes it easier to manage and correct any errors. After splitting the PDFs, you can "Batch" convert them.


4. Compatibility Issues

  • Problem: Some PDF files may use formats or encoding that are not well-supported by conversion tools.
  • Solution: Copy and paste the information from the PDF file using a PDF Editor like PDF Reader Pro and paste it into your Google Sheet.

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Best Practices when Converting from PDF

When converting PDFs to other formats, adhere to these practices for optimal results:

  1. High-Quality PDFs: Ensure the PDF is clear and high-resolution, especially for OCR processing scanned documents, to improve conversion accuracy.
  2. Reliable Conversion Tools: Like PDF Reader Pro. Use reputable conversion software with advanced OCR and format-specific support for your target file type (e.g., Word, Excel).
  3. Review Before Conversion: Pre-check the PDF for complex elements (like embedded text in images) that may affect conversion quality, adjusting as necessary.
  4. Accuracy Check: After converting, meticulously review the document for errors or omissions, correcting manually to maintain data integrity.
  5. Data Privacy: For documents with sensitive information, opt for secure, possibly offline, conversion tools to protect confidentiality.


Following these best practices can help you navigate the nuances of converting PDFs to other formats effectively, ensuring a seamless transition of data for further processing or analysis.

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Converting PDF to Google Sheets: FAQ

Can I convert a PDF directly to Google Sheets?

Yes, you can convert a PDF to Google Sheets, but it usually requires a two-step process: first, convert the PDF into an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file, and then import that file into Google Sheets.

What tools can I use to convert PDF to Google Sheets?

There are several online tools and software options available for converting PDFs to formats compatible with Google Sheets, including Adobe Acrobat, online PDF converters, and OCR services for scanned PDFs.

Will the formatting be preserved during conversion?

While many conversion tools strive to maintain formatting, complex PDF layouts may not always convert perfectly. Manual adjustments in Google Sheets may be necessary to restore the original layout and formatting.

How do I handle scanned PDFs?

For scanned PDFs, use a conversion tool that includes OCR technology to recognize and convert the text. Note that OCR accuracy can vary, and some manual correction may be required.

What should I do if data is missing after conversion?

Check the original PDF for any non-text elements or formatting that might not have been recognized. You may need to input missing data or adjust the conversion settings manually.

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