Tips to Consider When Choosing the Best PDF Software

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PDF or Portable Document Format has been widely used and gained great popularity among the masses ever since the emergence of electronic documents. It helps get everything digitally in this era, whether it is schools, business, or any office work. However, there are so many of PDF softwares provided, so it is hard to make purchase decision. So let's read our in-depth guide for advice on choosing the best PDF software or PDF editor.

1. What Functions or Features Should A PDF Software Offer?

2. Is It Easy To Use?

3. How Abou Its Price & Licencing Structure?

4. Free Trial: Available Or Not?And How Long?

5. Support  & Training

6. Other Factors To Consider

What Functions or Features Should A PDF Software Offer?

Choosing a PDF Software requires you first to figure out what needs you want to meet via this tool. All PDF software basically have the following features:

  • Create PDFs and export to Word, Excel and PowerPoint

  • Edit text and images, reorder, and delete pages in a PDF

  • Easily create, fill, sign, and send forms

  • Combine multiple documents and file types into a single PDF

  • Send documents for e-signature and track responses in real time

  • Add security and password-protect PDF files

PDF Functions or Features

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Is It Easy To Use?

Statistics show that 74% of field service companies counted functionality or ease of use as a top priority for choosing new software. This holds true for choosing PDF software. 

Intuitive software is a must for users of all experience levels. Whether the PDF software include all the most common features forward in a familiar interface and easy to operate, it is the first impression to users. If they think your application is too difficult to perform, then they will give up. And for software providers, outstanding ease of use also can  reduce support costs.

How Abou Its Price & Licencing Structure?

Like for any other piece of software out there, the price of a PDF software is one of the leading factors that will affect the purchase decision. But remember that comparing the marked price of different PDF software options isn’t apples-to-apples. Consider not only the surface price of the PDF software but also the behind structure. 

PDF Price & Licencing Structure

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Some software providers set price for month and year periods, and some platforms sell for lifetime subscription. Also there are providers on separate product for different platforms. Therefore, if you want to switch from a Microsoft devices to a Mac, iOS, or Android device, you should purchase the app again using their accounts accordingly. 

So consider how the software is set up for purchase and figure out the following questions before buying:

  • Does the price or license is based on per user, per device or lifetime subscription?

  • Does the license include any future upgrades or are you going to be charged extra? 

  • How many people can use the license? 

Also, some software only works with other programs, meaning you’ll need to pay for two separate programs to make your documents accessible, so you need to confirm this before buying.

It should be noted that for schools, large organizations and specific markets, PDF providers generally have launched and supported Volume Purchase Program with price discount.

Free Trial: Available Or Not?And How Long?

Free trials are typically structured in one of two ways: limited-time or limited-capability. Before deciding to purchasing, you get access to use this tool and have general experience on its functions.

But it should be noted that although most PDF editors give you some capabilities for free, you should keep an eye on what restrictions the free version imposes on the program's features and capabilities. Of course, if you don’t like what you see during the trial, simply cancel and you haven’t lost anything.

Support & Training

Does the PDF software offer FAQs or user guide? Does it have live support or even engineer to assist if there are any software glitches? Are you going to have to pay extra for it? All these questions should be taken into consideration, especially for new users.

And for and large organizations, if you require large groups of staff members to learn the software, is training included in the price of the software? Complicated software usually requires more training hours, and therefore more money. 

PDF Support & Training

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Other Factors To Consider

In order to find the best PDF editor, factors such interface design and installation document sizes. Specifically, every website or app design has the potential to boost usability and impact sales. Interface is what the customer sees when they first interact with the product. It depends on whether it will motivate them to stay and keep exploring the product. If they found the PDF software interface is not user-friendly, then they will go away to your potential competitors. 

Bottom Line

Take your time when looking for a PDF software because a bad decision can be costly. Best PDF software will offer robust functions and features, reasonable price and license structure and available on multi-platforms. 

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