How to Present a PDF Like a PowerPoint

PDF Reader Pro helps turn the PDF into a presentation in a convenient way. 

1. Enter the reading page and click 图标/light_ic_more2.png at the top right corner;

2. Choose Slideshow in the menu;

3. The PDF will be presented in slideshow mode and you can use laser pen to help your presentation. Or you can tap 1619172754.png to record your on-screen activities and voice at the same time. To turn pages, click light_sacn_ic_shangyizhang.png or light_sacn_ic_xiayizhang.png

4. Tap 图标/light_ic_more2.png to reveal more options, you can switch to pen and change the color and opacity by long tapping to mark your presentation.

5. Tap light_view_ic_extract copy.png to undo your operation.

6. Tap light_ic_webdelet.png on the bottom to finish your presentation.

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