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How to Use Text to Speech (TTS) by iOS Version?

PDF Reader Pro for iOS supports text to speech that converts any written text into spoken words, which allows you to listen to the PDF files:


1. Enter the reading page and click light_view_ic_theme.png;

2. Click the toggle switch to turn on Text to Speech, then a pop-up panel may appear;

3. Click Play light_scan_ic_play@2x to play TTS to read aloud the written texts;

4. Click Previous Page light_scan_ic_play_last@2x or Next Page light_scan_ic_play_next@2x to move from one page to another;

5. Alternatively, you can turn on the Continuous Reading for automatic page-turning;

6. (Optional) Click light_scan_ic_set@2x to choose from 36 voices for 26 languages as needed;

7. (Optional) Use the speed slider to set the reading speed from Slow to Fast;

8. Click Pause light_scan_ic_play_pause@2x to stop reading, and click Close to exit TTS. 


Notice: TTS function only works for the documents with the written texts, which means the PDF files with scanned texts in the form of images can not be recognized and read.


Can I Turn on TTS in Other Ways?

Method 1:

1. On the reading page, click 图标/light_ic_more2@2x -> Select Text Reflow light_view_ic_text@2x under VIEWER

2. Once you enter the text reflow mode, click light_scan_ic_audio@2x at the top right corner to turn on TTS;

3. Follow steps 3 - 8 in the first session above to learn how to perform TTS feature.


Method 2:

1. Select a word or a block of texts in your document;

2. Then tap 1619172637.png in the pop-up menu, TTS will automatically read your document from the texts you selected.

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