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How to View Files in Multiple Tabs


Multi-tab viewer is supported on your iOS to increase efficiency.


1. To turn on Tabbed PDF Reading, do one of the followings:

   1) Enter the reading page and click light_view_ic_theme.png on the bottom, then click the toggle switch to turn on Tabbed PDF Reading;

   2) Click Settings light_scan_ic_set.png on the homepage sidebar, and turn on Tabbed PDF Reading under PDF READER.

2. Then you can open multiple documents in the same window and easily switch between them by following the steps below:

    1) Choose a PDF to open and click light_sacn_ic_shangyizhang@2x to go back to the Documents tab;

    2) Select to open another PDF document, then you may see two tabs under the toolbar now;

    3) To open multiple PDF files, please repeat the step 1) & 2);

    4) (iPad Only) Drag the tab of a specific document to change its position;

3. Click light_ic_webdelet.png in the viewer to close the tab you don‘t need. For iPhone users, you can also click Close All Tabs to close all the documents opened.


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