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How to Read PDF in Text Reflow Mode

In Text Reflow mode, only the written texts within the document may appear; the menu bar and annotation toolbox on the reading page are hidden. This mode allows you to change the flip speed, font styles and sizes. It can present you with delightful visual effects by allowing you to switch between different background themes. With the Text Reflow mode, you can highly focus on reading, which helps you prevent unnecessary distractions and improve your working efficiency.


You can do the following to start viewing PDFs in Text Reflow Mode:

1. Enter reading page and click 图标/light_ic_more2@2x in the upper right corner of the screen;

2. Choose Text Reflow under Viewer, now you can present your PDF in text-only mode; 

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 5.28.02 PM

3. In the bottom toolbar:

     1) Tap light_ic_search@2x, you can search particular contents in the document by directly typing in the search box in the pop-up window;

     2) Tap light_scan_ic_play_last@2x to return to the previous page;

     3) Tap light_scan_ic_play@2x to scroll down the current page automatically;

     4) Tap light_scan_ic_play_next@2x to turn to the next page;

     5) Tap light_scan_ic_set@2x to open the Reading Mode window, where you can switch between the three Theme colors such as Light, Dark and Sepia, change the Font Name and Font Size, and control the slider to adjust the page-turning Speed. Click the Auto Flip toggle to enable automatic page-turning.

4. On the top-right of the text reflow page, click TTS light_scan_ic_audio@2x to read aloud the written texts displayed in Text Reflow mode. For more information about TTS, please click here.

5. Tap light_sacn_ic_shangyizhang@2x (1) at the top left corner to exit Text Reflow mode and finish your reading. 


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