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How to Cancel License?

The cancellation of a license for a team member means that this member will not be able to activate the product with this license code later on. If a member leave your team, you can cancel the license. 


Cancel Individually:

1. Go to Manage License section and choose Manage License;

2. Choose a member from the list, or quickly find a member by using the filter/search bar above;

3. Click Cancel under Action;



4. A pop-up window will ask you to confirm the cancellation, click Cancel.


Cancel in Batch:

If you need to cancel multiple members’ licenses, this function can help them save a lot of time.

1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Manage License -> Batch Cancel;

2. Click on “Download sample xlsx file” to download the sample file;

3. Fill in the information in order;

    - Product: the product that the Super Admin has assigned to the member;

    - Email: email of the member that the Super Admin removes licenses;

4. Upload the file just filled out or the file that was prepared before;

5. Tap Remove License to complete the operation.

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