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How to Activate Panel on PDF Reader Pro for Mac?

Panel on PDF Reader Pro including Thumbnails, Outline, Notes, Snapshots, and Search.


To activate the panel and get more details of the panel, you can refer to the following:

1. Click Panel  on the toolbar, the panel will show in the sidebar;



2. On this panel, from left to right, it shows Thumbnails, Outline, Notes, Snapshots and Search;

  • Thumbnails : You can see all pages of the current document in this tab as thumbnails and easily jump between pages while reading the document. And you can also resize the thumbnails.
  • Outline : If the document you are viewing has an outline, it will be shown here. Then you can navigate the whole file through the outline. You can search, add, and collapse or expand all outline items. If the document does not include an outline, this tab will appear blank.
  • Notes : All the annotations (highlight, underline, strikeout, etc.) you made throughout the document will show in this tab. It’s easier to jump between them when you want to quickly review the document. In this tab, you can click on each of the three icons next to Notes to search, filter, export, or remove all notes. Or you can right-click one of the notes to export or remove it.
  • Snapshots : This tab allows you to see all the snapshots you have taken in this file. You can right-click on a snapshot to export it or delete one or all snapshots.
  • Search : In this tab, enter the word or phrase you would like to search for, and then the results will appear under the search bar;

3: If you can't find a Panel on the toolbar, you can manually add it by customizing the toolbar. Click Here to learn how to customize the toolbar.


Notice: When you want to close the panel, you can also click the Panel on the toolbar to collapse it again. Or click View on the main menu bar -> Hide Panel.

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