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Problem-Solving: APP shows "Server Configuration Link Incorrect"

Issue Description:

The prompt shows "Server Configuration Link is Incorrect." during the activation.




1. Access PDF Tech Admin Console in any browser and check if it can be accessed properly.

• If unable to access it, please ensure that the computer is connected to the internet. Consult with the IT administrator for any network-related issues.

• If accessible, relaunch PDF Editor to verify if the issue is resolved.


2. Verify PDF Tech Editor configuration file's Accuracy.

Go to the PDFTech Editor installation directory and check the PDFSever.config file. ensuring that the domain names within the configuration align with the internally deployed PDF Tech Admin Console. The correct format for the PDFSever.config file content is as follows:






If not match, please contact your IT administrator to acquire a customized installation package provided by PDF Technologies for reinstallation.


3. Check for proxy settings on the computer.

Uncheck the proxy server option and then restart PDF Reader Pro to check if it functions properly.



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