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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Deployments for PDF Reader Pro Windows

Citrix deployment refers to the process of installing, configuring, and managing Citrix virtualization solutions within an organization's infrastructure. Citrix provides a range of products and technologies that enable virtual application and desktop delivery, secure remote access, and collaboration. With Citrix deployment, organizations can centralize applications and desktops, make them accessible from any device or location, and ensure data security and compliance. 


PDF Reader Pro Windows support deployment on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Windows machines.


Note: Since there are many ways to configure PDF Reader Pro Windows for VDIs, these instructions are intended as basic examples. Administrators may need to tailor these instructions to meet the requirements of their environment.



IT Admins looking to customize and deploy PDF Reader Pro Windows to Citrix. 


System requirements:

  Client Citrix Virtual Windows Server 
Version PDF Reader Pro Windows 2.0+ Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 2203 Windows Server 2019


Note: This is an environment that PDF Technologies, Inc. has verified and confirmed support for.


In this article:



Citrix tuning

How you tune your environment depends on several factors such as the number of users, requisite features, PDF content, and so on. It is advisable to use this documentation and that provided by Citrix.

  • Microsoft: Apply all critical and recommended hotfixes and all hotfix rollup packs that Microsoft provides.

  • Apply all critical and recommended hotfixes and all hotfix rollup packs that Citrix provides. Refer to https://support.citrix.com/article/ctx129229



Tuning for virtual environments

Tuning helps mitigate performance issues, simplifies the end user experience, and allows you to disable features and behaviors that should not be accessible to end users in an IT-managed environment.

  • Install the latest product



Install PDF Reader Pro Windows 

The following method should be used to install the client (the version is not lower than PDF Reader Pro 2.0) on the Citrix.

  • Double-click on the downloaded PDF Reader Pro. exe or PDF Reader Pro. msi file

  • Open the cmd command line and execute the command

          > Msi version

             PDF Redader Pro.msi                                      

          > Exe version

             PDF Reader Pro.exe



Shared Device Licensing Deployments

PDF Reader Pro Windows supports Licensing in most virtual environments, including Citrix, VMWare, RDS/WTS, and App-V. 

  •  Deploy as usual.



• Shared Device License applies to educational institutes.

• Shared Device License can be used in classrooms and labs on shared computers.

• PDF Reader Pro Team Plan can be used as a Shared Device License.

• If the PDF Reader Pro team discovers that the Shared Device License is being used non-compliantly, we reserve the right to take legal action.


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