How to Open Files

There are several ways you can open files. 

Open Files with PDF Reader Pro

1. Choose File file on the toolbar -> Open files;

2. Select one or more files in the open dialog box, and click Open;


3. Or open files from the Home -> Open files;


4. Or press shortcuts -> Ctrl + O;

5. Or click Create a new tab expand , then you can open files.

Drag Files to PDF Reader Pro

1. Left-click hold and drag the file to PDF Reader Pro (application or desktop icon);

2. Release the mouse button, your files will be opened automatically by PDF Reader Pro.

Set the PDF Reader Pro as the Default Viewer

If you have already set PDF Reader Pro as the default viewer, the new files will be opened by PDF Reader Pro every time. If you have some questions about how to set PDF Reader Pro as the default viewer, you can follow the steps below:

Change the Way of Opening PDF Files

1. Right-click the thumbnail of a PDF file;

2. Choose Open with -> click Select other applications;

3. Hit PDF Reader Pro and tick Always use this app to open PDF OK files -> click.

Change the Settings of PDF Reader Pro

1. Launch PDF Reader Pro;

2. Click Settings settings on the menu bar;

3. Tick Set as the default PDF viewer.

Change the File Attribution 

1. Right-click on the thumbnail of the PDF file and select Properties;

2. Click Change in the Properties dialog for this file;

3. Select PDF Reader Pro and click OK.


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