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How to Open Files

The PDF format is one of the most popular formats in use today. The most notable feature of PDF is its ability to ensure that your content looks exactly the same everywhere and there are a bunch of solutions to open a PDF file.


Open a PDF From Home Page

1. launch PDF Reader Pro and click Open Files -> choose a file and click Open;

2. Or launch PDF Reader Pro and click Open Files titlebar_open on the top left corner -> choose a file and click Open;



3. Or launch PDF Reader Pro and choose a recent file -> double touch to Open.


Open a PDF From Reading Page

4. Or click File toolbar_file on the toolbar in reading page ->choose Open Files;

5. Or click Home toolbar_home at the top left corner in reading page -> click Open Files;

6. Or choose Create a new tab+ on the top, then open the file;


13_2_Add files


7. Or press shortcuts -> Ctrl + O;


Open a PDF From the Desktop

Right-click the thumbnail of a PDF file -> choose Open With -> select PDF Reader Pro;

Note: To save valuable time, you can set PDF Reader Pro as a default viewer, so that you can open your file directly by double-clicking the PDF file icon. The link will help you set PDF Reader Pro as a default viewer.


Drag to Open

1. Drag the file to the icon of PDF Reader Pro on the desktop, then the file would be opened;

2. Or drag the file to the reading page or home page and then you can read your documents.


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