How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts

PDF Reader Pro for Windows provides a list of keyboard shortcuts, enabling you to use them to improve your efficiency at doing certain tasks. You do not need to reach for the mouse every second.

Ctrl +                                            Zoom in

Ctrl -                                             Zoom out

PgUp(↑)                                   Go to previous page

PgDn(↓)                                   Go to next page

Ctrl + p                                         Print file

Ctrl + f                                          Search Text in PDF

Ctrl + i                                          Get file information

Ctrl + Alt + h                                Highlight texts

Ctrl + Alt + u                                Underline texts

Ctrl + Alt + s                                Strikethrough texts

Ctrl + Alt + q                                Squiggly texts

Ctrl + s                                         Save

Ctrl +c                                          Copy selected texts or annotations

Ctrl + d                                         Delete selected annotation

Ctrl + x                                         Cut selected annotation

Ctrl + r                                          Rotate Clockwise

Ctrl + l                                          Rotate Counterclockwise

You can also find all the keyboard shortcuts in topic 13, from page 19 to page 20, in the Quick Start Guide within the app.

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