How to Install PDF Reader Pro on a New Device

PDF Reader Pro supports cross-device transferring with one Microsoft account. The app will follow you to any other Windows device if you install PDF Reader Pro from Microsoft Store. Follow the instructions and get PDF Reader Pro on a new device:

1. Click Start Start Button on your device, and select Microsoft Store from the app list;

2. Type PDF Reader Pro in the Search box to quickly get the matched result;

3. Click PDF Reader Pro, and select Get (free version) or Buy to own (paid version);

4. Alternatively, you can click here to download for free and upgrade within the app; Or click here to buy the premium version directly;

5. Sign in with your Microsoft account that you used to buy PDF Reader Pro before to finish downloading.


Notice: PDF Reader Pro is launched and sold as a separate product because it is designed for different platforms. Therefore, if you want to switch from a Microsoft devices to a Mac, iOS, or Android device, you should purchase the app again using their accounts accordingly.


Get PDF Reader Pro on Other devices

1. To use PDF Reader Pro on Mac, you can free download the app anytime from our website or the Mac App Store.

2. To use PDF Reader Pro on an iOS device for free, please download it separately from App Store.

3. To use PDF Reader Pro on Android devices, please visit Google Play and download the app for free


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