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How to Add Watermark in PDF Reader Pro for Windows

PDF Reader Pro supports adding watermarks on your PDFs in the format of text or an image that can appear either in front of or behind the existing document content. You are allowed to add different watermarks to one or more PDF documents. However, you need to add each of them separately. You can change the rotation and location of each watermark and specify the range of pages where it should be. 



Add a Watermark with An Open Document

Add a Watermark with Unopened Document

Manage Watermark Templates


Add a Watermark with An Open Document

Follow the instructions below to apply the watermark(s) to your document:

  1. Enter the reading page -> Choose Editor ic_toolbar_edittool_sel@2x on the menu bar -> Click Add Watermark ic_subtoolbar_edittool_watermark@2x;


2. In the Watermark Content box, select Text or File to decide the type of the watermark as needed;

    1) Text: Apply a text watermark. Select Text, and type in the text box. You can change the Font Size and select or customize a Color for the watermark;

    2) File: Apply an image watermark. Select File. Click Select File(PNG,JPG...) so that you can import an image file (e.g. PNG, JPG, JPEG) from your device. Adjust Ratio to change the size of the image watermark.

3. Adjust the appearance and position of the watermark under Watermark Settings:

    1) To adjust the angle of the watermark, enter the number directly in the Rotation box. Alternatively,  click ic_btn_rotate315@2x to rotate it 45 degrees clockwise, click ic_btn_rotate0@2x to return it to its normal upright rotation, click ic_btn_rotate45@2x to rotate 45 degrees counterclockwise;

    2) To change the transparency, control the Opacity slider, or enter a number directly in the box;

    3) To change the location:

        i. Select one between In front of text and Behind text;

        ii. Click any one square in the 3 × 3 matrices to place the watermark in a specific position as needed. Then you can change the number of the X-axis and the Y-axis to move it left/right and up/down accordingly. Note that a positive value means move right or up, and a negative value means move left or down.

    4) To apply the watermark to individual pages, click the Page Range option. You can specify the page range such as All Pages, Odd Pages Only, Even Pages Only, and Custom Range as needed.

4. (Optional) Click Add to Template to save the watermark to the template list ( See Manage Watermark Templates below);

5. Click Apply to add the watermark to your PDF document.


Add a Watermark with Unopened Document

1. Choose Editor -> Add Watermark ic_subtoolbar_edittool_watermark@2x, then follow all the instructions above;

2. At the button of the pop-up window, click Batch -> Add Files, then you can add watermark to multiple unopened PDFs simultaneously;

3. (Optional) You can select Page Range for each PDF file.


Manage Watermark Templates

You can manage all the watermarks you added before:

1. Choose Editor -> Manage Watermark Templates;

2. In the Watermark Templates panel:

    1) You will see all the watermarks you have created if you do step 4 in Add a Watermark with An Open Document;

    2) If you do not follow the step 4, you can also create new watermarks in the panel by following the step 2 - 4 in the first session above:

         i. In the Text tab, click Add Watermark + to make text watermark;

         ii. In the File tab, click Add Watermark + to make an image watermark.

3. To update watermarks in the template, move your mouse cursor over the watermark you want to change, then click Edit Template;

4. To delete a watermark, move your mouse cursor over the one and click Delete;

5. To rearrange watermarks, drag one of the watermarks and move it to the position as needed;

6. To apply a watermark, select one as needed and click Apply. You can apply the watermark to  the current document, or multiple PDF files by clicking Add Files +.

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