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Can I Restore PDFs from the Last Session in the Windows version?

PDF Reader Pro can automatically reopen your PDF files that have been opened last time when you run the app. Follow the steps below and solve your problem:

1. Run PDF Reader Pro -> On the Home screen, click Settings ic_btn_settings;

2. In the General tab, under the Default Settings, select Reopen last open files on startup.


Reopen PDF Files from The Last Session Manually

You can also do the followings to reopen the PDF files:

1. On the Home Screen, you can see all the files that have been opened recently under Recent;

2. Select to open any PDF you need to read;

3. (Optional) To change the viewing layout of those PDFs, select List Mode ic_btn_viewlist@2x or Grid Mode ic_btn_viewthumbnail@2x;

4. (Optional) To remove the PDF files from the previous sessions, click Clear All ic_btn_delete@2x.


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