6 Benefits of Submitting Student Assignments in PDF

Tue. 08 Jun. 202120753min

In the not-so-distant past, school homework needed to be submitted through paper documents, thus both students and teachers had to carry large piles of paper to their classes. However, life is easier now. With the development of technology and the popularization of various office softwares, plus the impact of the epidemic since 2020, the use of electronic files has become more and more common. Among all the file formats, PDF is definitely one of the most popular ones. Why is that? Here we list 6 benefits of using PDF format for your assignments and you will know why PDF format stands out and catches on.  

6 Benefits of Submitting Student Assignments in PDF

1. Less paper, more space

2. Creating PDF is easy

3. PDF is portable and reliable

4. Fix typing errors directly

5. Small in size, easy for sharing

6. PDF is great for getting feedback

Less paper, more space

Even if we are now in an E-society, students’ desks are often filled with textbooks, notebooks, etc. Piles of paper documents not only occupy valuable space on the desks, but also cause inconvenience in finding files. The worst situation is losing files completely. So if assignments continue to be presented on paper, what can be expected is that the desk will become more and more crowded, and the time spent searching for documents will also increase.

Electronic documents can help you easily solve this problem. Whether you are using a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop, the device capacity can store hundreds or thousands of e-documents, and the space occupied on your desk is no more than an electronic device. In addition, you can easily manage files and create file folders, or merge, split, compress PDF for better file management, or perform format conversion to save different kinds of copies.

Less paper, more space

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Creating PDF is easy

Flexibility is one of the reasons why the PDF format is widely used. And creating PDFs is never a difficult task. You can convert anything to a PDF: textbooks, images, snapshots, notes, tables, web pages and more. It's also easy to write your essays in Word or present your project plans in PowerPoint and then save them as PDFs. If you prefer using Google Docs, you can download it in a PDF as well.

And with the help of a powerful PDF Creator, such as PDF Reader Pro, you are allowed to create a blank PDF or create PDFs from clipboard, images, screenshots and webpage. Paper documents can be converted into PDFs, you can simply use printers and scanners to create one, it's a built-in function that every computer has. Or if your documents are in other formats, converting to PDF is easy and can be completed after a few clicks.

PDF is portable and reliable

PDF, which is short for Portable Document Format, is highly praised for its portability, This means that you can always trust PDF. Imagine that when you finally finished your assignment before the deadline and sent it to the teacher, the teacher responded that the document could not be opened or there was a problem with the formatting. What would you do? Continue to spend time changing the Office software and adjusting the formatting? Or try a new file format, such as PDF?

In fact, the PDF format is most people's choice. Regardless of the device, operating system or the PDF software you or your teachers are using, the formatting and layout remains the same everywhere, on screen and printed on paper. Submitting your assignment in PDF, and there’s no worry about your teacher being unable to view the document or see an imperfect version anymore.

Fix typing errors directly

It is always a good habit for you to take a final look before submitting assignments to your teachers. So what do you usually do when you find a mistake at the last moment? For example, if you are originally using Word, you may go to find your work in Word, correct the error, and then convert it to PDF again, rename or replace an existing file with the same name. Finally, you must ensure that the correct file is attached to the email. Isn't this process annoying?

Many of you may have an impression that PDFs cannot be edited, but this is only because you have not found a suitable PDF software. With PDF Reader Pro, you can edit text right in your PDF, all you do is click or tap to add, delete, move or modify texts. With page editing tools, you can also rearrange, delete, insert or replace pages in no time. 

PDF is portable and reliable

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Small in size, easy for sharing

Assignments usually need to be submitted to the teacher via email, or sometimes you need to share your homework with classmates via social media, so another thing you need to pay attention to is the file size. Generally, we may integrate images, tables, graphs and other types of content into a PDF. At this time, another advantage of PDF shows up: it tends to have a smaller file size in comparison to other formats, making it easier for sharing and downloading, and it saves hard drive and system storage space, too. 

If you need to further reduce the file size, then you will need a PDF compressor, PDF Reader Pro is one of the best choices. While there are other methods for you to compress PDF such as using Preview on Mac, it may lose files' original quality after compression. PDF Reader Pro lets you choose optimization levels first thus helps maintain file quality. What's more, PDF Reader Pro supports batch compression and enables you to compress multiple PDFs simultaneously. 

PDF is great for getting feedback

When you finally submit your assignment to the teacher in PDF, it is the teacher's turn to make comments. And PDF is great for annotating, because most PDF software provides a variety of markup tools. And when you receive the feedback from the teacher, you will also find that the comments presented on the PDF are very clear, which helps you concentrate on things needing improvement.

With PDF Reader Pro, you don't need to scroll your PDF and look for highlighted mistakes. You can quickly see all the teacher's comments and annotations on the left panel. You can easily navigate through them and jump directly to the specific part. After you have improved your work, you can also mark everything you've corrected or rewritten in highlight, underline, strikethrough and more, insert text boxes or  anchored notes to write down thoughts.

PDF is great for getting feedback

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Now you know how wise it is to submit your assignment in PDF format. We hope PDF Reader Pro helps you get better grades and study efficiently. If you do not have PDF Reader Pro installed on your devices, feel free to download on all platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and try it now!

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