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PDF, short for portable document format, is one of the most  used file types in places like schools, law firms, hospitals, finance institutions etc.

The reason why PDF files are slowly replacing other document formats is due to their features such as keeping files secure, working on any operating system, compressing high-quality files to small file size etc. 

And nowadays PDF technology is far more than you thought, PDF files now even can be edited, signed and more. What you do need to do is to find a good PDF Editor.

1. PDF Reader Pro — Your Best PDF Editor Choice

2. Powerful Functions Meets All Needs of Different Groups

PDF Reader Pro — Your Best PDF Editor Choice

PDF Reader Pro has over 10 years of experience in PDF solutions. Owing to its powerful functions, easy-to-use tools and dedicated customer support,  it has been installed on over 90 million devices in over 200 countries around the world, and won reputation such as The Top Product in 2021, Top Business App category and Best Education App

Especially following the success of its Mac Version, PDF Reader Pro for Windows has been launched in 2021 so as to meet the needs of Windows users. The Windows version now has kept pace with Mac in functions.

Now PDF Reader Pro for Windows not only allows you to edit, create, convert, compress, merge, split, but it unlocks advanced features such as  forms, secure and sign. 

In a word, PDF Reader Pro is an all-in-one PDF editor on both your Mac and Windows.

PDF Reader Pro Features

More Functions of PDF Reader Pro

Powerful Functions Meets All Needs of Different Groups


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As an top-voted PDF editor,  PDF Reader Pro is quite popular among students, teachers, translators, sales, lawyers and other different groups. 

  • An Alternative to Kindle for Students and Teachers

For teachers and students, using Kindle to read has its drawbacks. For example, it is harder to share and not convenient to take with you. And images are only black-and-white. On the contrary, a good PDF Editor can overcome these problems and bring other better reading experiences. 

Take multi-platform for example, PDF has near-universal compatibility! PDF is an industry standard, therefore, educators can access it from most operating systems, applications and even Internet browsers. Kindle is more favorable to MOBI files.

Besides, Kindle supports only black-and-white background, but a powerful PDF Editor will allow educators to change based on their preference. This is important for students and teachers who always take a long time to read.

  • Perfect Converting Tools for Translators

For translators, PDF Reader Pro is definitely a must-have tool, because they often need to have a PDF translated.

The software allows translators to convert PDFs, PNG to Word without losing fonts and formatting. And it basically generates high-quality and more professional-looking documents without any errors.

It also works as an automated grammar checker software that proofreads and corrects scanned PDF file contents after changing to searchable PDF

  • Taking Sales out of Tedious Contracts Revising and Signing

Many sales are often in a state that following a long negotiation period, they still need to spend much time handling contract details until final confirmation. They often fall in such a dilemma that the needs of clients are changed again and again, so the sales have to revise the contract accordingly. 

With PDF Reader Pro, the sales can directly edit PDF contracts like in Word according to the needs of clients, and sign or create legally binding e-signature fields to save hours on every proposal and contract you send.

  • Reliable Security Assistant for Lawyers

The lawyers are faced with a large amount of legal related PDF files every day. And usually these files are highly confidential, so they need to ensure file security.

PDF Reader Pro is an excellent security tool to solve this by the following features:

— Add Watermark: Stamp any text or image watermark over PDFs to avoid plagiarism, and change the transparency of the watermark, making the text more or less opaque.

— Password & Permission: Control the access to your PDFs by adding password protection or permissions to restrict printing, copying or altering, and quickly remove it if lawyers no longer need the protection.

Download this powerful PDF Editor software for Mac or Windows, and take a free trial to learn more about PDF Reader Pro. It's worth it!

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