Best PDF Merge Software to Combine PDF Files in 2022

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Merge PDF is one of the most important features that people nowadays look for. Here in this article, you will get to know about the top five  PDF combine software  along with detailed intros, so that you can choose the best. Merging PDF files is necessary if you want to have all the crucial information in just one file, rather than looking for them in different files. This way, you get to save time and also set yourself free from the hassle of dealing with separate attachments. 


Also, when you  combine PDFs,  you also get to share those files easily as well. To be able to  merge PDF into one,  you will need the best  PDF merge software,  which will let you merge different PDF files easily. We will take you through various software, which will suit your requirements and will allow smooth PDF merging process.



Top 5 PDF Merge Software You Should Try:

1. PDF Reader Pro

2. PDF Converter

3. PDFSam Basic

4. SmallPDF

5. ILovePDF


PDF Merge Software Combine PDF Files

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1. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro




PDF Reader Pro is a full-featured software to merge different PDF documents without quality loss and fast in processing. It is efficient and simple to use PDF combiner that everyone can pick up quickly. You can merge or combine two or more PDF files in a single PDF file, reorder pages and customize page size before combining. 


It also offers various page range options to customize the combine settings. For instance, you can combine from page 1 to 5 of a PDF with page number 6 to 10 of another PDF. Every PDF file you choose to combine can be customized in this way. And of course, you can combine the entire files into one.


So how to combine multiple PDFs into one PDF? There are three basic ways you might want to merge PDF pages or merge entire PDF files. Last but not least, save the combine PDF to a destination on your device. That's it. 


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2. PDF Converter

PDF Converter - icon


PDF Converter is a reliable PDF merger that can handle most of your file needs. You can merge PDFs, Word documents, images, and more through seamless conversion. The web-based merge tool is easy to use and enables you to drag and drop files to reorder them. When you’re done, you can compress your new PDF to save space on your hard drive. 


The catch to this tool is that its name is misleading. PDF Converter allows you to conduct just one merge for free per hour. So, once you merge files, you’ll need to wait 60 minutes before you can merge any more unless you purchase a Premium subscription. Subscription options include monthly, yearly, or a one-time life-time license that comes with priority account support.



3. PDFSam Basic

PDFSam Basic - icon


PDFSam Basic is a desktop-based PDF merging software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In contrast to many of its competitors, PDFSam doesn’t impose any limits on how many files you can merge or how often you can use the tool. 


Of course, you get what you pay for. This software can merge and split PDFs and enables you to quickly reorder pages, but that’s about it. You cannot connect to your cloud storage or automatically email or share merged PDFs from the tool. It also doesn’t include file conversion, so you’ll need another tool or PDFSam Enhanced if you want to mix and match file types.



4. SmallPDF



If you’re going to shell out money for a PDF merger, SmallPDF is one of your best options. In addition to merging an unlimited number of files, this platform includes tools for converting between document formats, signing PDFs, and securing files. You can merge PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and JPGs seamlessly. 


SmallPDF shows you thumbnails of your PDFs and enables you to easily drag and drop files to reorder them. You can also delete individual pages while merging documents, which is nice if you need to eliminate cover pages or other extraneous sheets. Once you merge your PDFs, you can download the new file or save it directly to Dropbox or Google Drive. 



5. ILovePDF 



ILovePDF is a one-stop-shop for working with PDFs and includes a simple tool for merging files. You have to upload your PDFs to the online platform to start the merge process, but this process is made easy thanks to a drag and drop option. You can also connect ILovePDF to your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. 


Once your files are online, you can rotate pages or drag and drop PDFs to rearrange the merge order. The platform displays thumbnails of each page to make working with your files easier. When you’re ready, just click ‘Merge PDF’ and your new document will download automatically.


Which is the best tool to merge PDFs?

This was our comprehensive list of best PDF merger solutions available online & offline. By looking at all the excellent performance of all PDF merge software, our final verdict is to go with PDF Reader Pro


The software doesn’t only let you merge different PDFs. It will also allow you to edit PDFs just like a Word document, you can add annotations and different notes, with the advanced OCR function, you will be able to work on scanned and digital files, create, fill, as well as, sign on different forms, and to protect your document, you can add passwords as well. Get started with PDF Reader Pro now!

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